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Download Sample Question Papers 2023-24
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CBSE Class X Sample Question Papers 2023-24

Download Central Board of Secondary Education [CBSE] Class 10th Sample Question Paper 2023-24 PDF Free Online [All Subjects]

Download CBSE Class 10th All Subjects Question Bank With Answer Key Here

Download CBSE Class X Sample Question Papers 2023-24

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CBSE Class X Social Science Sample Questions

1. It is said of “passive resistance” that it is the weapon of the weak, but the power which is the subject of this article can be used only by the strong. This power is not passive resistance; indeed, it calls for intense activity. The movement in South Africa was not passive but active …

‘Satyagraha is not physical force. A satyagrahi does not inflict pain on the adversary; he does not seek his destruction … In the use of satyagraha, there is no ill will whatever. ‘Satyagraha is pure soul force. Truth is the very substance of the soul. That is why this force is called satyagraha. The soul is informed with knowledge. In it burns the flame of love. … Nonviolence is the supreme dharma …’ It is certain that India cannot rival Britain or Europe in force of arms.

The British worship the war god and they can all of them become, as they are becoming, bearers of arms. The hundreds of millions in India can never carry arms. They have made the religion of non-violence their own …

In his famous book Hind Swaraj (1909) Mahatma Gandhi declared that British rule was established in India, with the cooperation of Indians, and had survived only because of this cooperation. If Indians refused to cooperate, British rule will collapse within a year.

1. Gandhiji said,” passive resistance is not the weapon of the weak”. Why?
2. “Satyagraha is pure soul-force” substantiate this statement in 20 words.
3. What according to Mahatma Gandhi is the best weapon to use to collapse British rule in India?

2.Maharashtra is a state located in western India, with a population of over 110 million people. The state is home to several large cities, including Mumbai, and has a significant agricultural sector. However, the state is facing a severe water crisis, with its water resources coming under increasing pressure due to climate change, industrialization, and urbanization. The main challenges faced by water resource management in Maharashtra are:

i. Overexploitation of groundwater: Maharashtra is one of the most groundwater-stressed states in India, with the demand for water exceeding the supply. Overexploitation of groundwater for agriculture and urban use has led to a decline in water levels, which has severe implications for the sustainability of water resources.

ii. Pollution of surface water: Industrialization and urbanization have led to the pollution of surface water bodies such as rivers and lakes. The pollution has led to water quality degradation, which poses risks to human health and the environment.

iii. Inefficient irrigation practices: The agricultural sector is the largest user of water in Maharashtra, accounting for around 80% of total water use.

However, traditional irrigation practices such as flood irrigation are inefficient and lead to the wastage of water.

1. Mention any two reasons for the water crisis faced by the state of Maharashtra.
2. Despite being the second highest rainfall-receiving state of the country, Maharashtra still faces water crisis. Substantiate this statement in 40 words.
3. Propose any one solution to mitigate the water crisis faced by Maharashtra state.

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