Board Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board [KSEEB]
Exam SSLC Exam [Class 10th]
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Year March/April 2019
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KSEEB SSLC Exam Question Papers

Download  Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board [KSEEB] March/April 2019 SSLC Examination Question Papers

Download KSEEB SSLC 2012-2022 Question Papers Here

Download SSLC March/April 2019 Question Papers

SSLC Science Question Paper

Four alternatives are given for each of the following questions / incomplete statements. Only one of them is correct or most appropriate. Choose the correct alternative and write the complete answer along with its letter of alphabet.

1. The change that occurs in the eye to see the distant objects clearly is
(A) focal length of the eye lens decreases
(B) curvature of the eye lens increases
(C) focal length of the eye lens increases
(D) ciliary muscles of the eye contract

2. The functional groups present in propanol and propanal respectively are
(A) — OH and — CHO
(B) — OH and — COOH
(C) — CHO and — COOH
(D) — CHO and — CO

3. By constructing Khadin check-dams in level terrains,
(A) underground water level decreases
(B) underground water level increases
(C) vegetation in the nearby areas are destroyed due to excess moisture
(D) underground water gets polluted

4. To obtain a diminished image of an object from a concave mirror, position of the object should be ( F = principal focus, C = centre of curvature, P = pole )
(A) between C and F
(B) beyond C
(C) between P and F
(D) at F

5.The electronic configuration of element X is 2, 8, 8, 1 and the electronic configuration of element Y is 2, 8, 7. Then the type of bond formed between these two elements is
(A) covalent bond
(B) hydrogen bond
(C) metallic bond
(D) ionic bond

6. Part of the flower that develops into fruit and part of the seed that develops into root respectively are
(A) ovary and plumule
(B) plumule and radicle
(C) ovary and radicle
(D) ovary and ovule

Answer the following questions. 7 × 1 = 7
1. Name the acid present in the stinging hair of nettle leaves.
2. What are fossils ?
3. Convex mirror is commonly used as rear-view mirror in vehicles. Why ?
4. What is roasting in metallurgy ?

Answer the following questions. 16 × 2 = 32
1. Draw the diagram of an electric circuit in which the resistors 1 R , 2 R and 3 R are connected in parallel including an ammeter and a voltmeter and mark the direction of the current.
2. Name the brown fumes liberated when lead nitrate is heated. Write the balanced chemical equation for this reaction.
3. Explain the process of translocation of food materials in plants. OR Explain the process of digestion in the small intestine of man.
4. Draw the diagram of a simple electric motor. Label the following parts : (i) Split rings (ii) Brushes.
5. What are structural isomers ? Name the first member of alkanes that shows structural isomerism.

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