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Year April 2022 Question Papers
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UNIPUNE P.G. Diploma in Taxation Question Papers

Download Savitribai Phule Pune University [UNIPUNE] P.G. Diploma in Taxation April 2022 Question Papers Online PDF Free.

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Download UNIPUNE P.G. Diploma in Taxation Question Paper

  P.G. Diploma in Taxation April 2022 Question Papers Download Here

UNIPUNE P.G. Diploma in Taxation April 2022 Questions

Financial Accounting :
Q1) What is Financial Accounting? Explain the purpose of Accounting and Financial Recording. [20]
Q2) Distinction between Book keeping and Accounting. [20]
Q3) a) Explain Accounting Cycle. [10]
b) Explain in brief Accounting Concepts and Accounting Conventions.[10]

Q4) Write Short notes (Any Four) : [20]
a) Final Accounts
b) Dissolution of a partnership firm
c) Methods of Depreciation
d) Rectification of Errors
e) Going Concern Concept
f) Reconciliation of Bank Pass Book and Cash Book

Q5) The cash book of a trader showed a credit balance of Rs. 875 on 31st December 2021. On verification with the bank pass book it was found that [20]
a) A cheque for Rs. 300 dishonored was not entered in the cash book.
b) Bank charges amounting to Rs. 10 were not recorded through the cash book.
c) There was a wrong credit of Rs. 750 in cash book.
d) Cheque for Rs. 580 paid into a branch of the bank on 31st December had not been entered in the pass book.
e) Interest amounting to Rs. 970 was recording by the bank and entered only in the pass bank.
f) A cheque for Rs. 250 was paid the bank the collection but the cash book showed no entry for it. Prepare a Bank reconciliation statement as on 31st December 2021.

Q6) On 1st January 2009, a merchant purchased some furniture costing Rs. 55,000. It is estimated that its working life is 10 years at the end of which it will fetch Rs. 5,000. Additions are made on January, 2010 and 1st July, 2012 to the value of Rs. 9,500 and Rs. 8,400 (Residual value Rs. 500 and Rs. 400 respectively). Show the furniture account for the first four years if depreciation is written off according to the straight line method

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