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UNIPUNE B.B.A. CA Question Papers

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UNIPUNE BBA CA April 2022 Questions

Business Communication Skills:
Q1) A) Fill in the blanks (Attempt any five out of Six): [5]
a) The term “communis” derived from_________word.
i) Greek
ii) Latin
iii) Chinese
iv) English

b) Communication means _________ information, feeling and thoughts, with others.
i) To receive
ii) Exchange of
iii) Conveying
iv) All of the above

c) ________ should not be included in the physical appearance of the Business letter.
i) Margin
ii) Date
iii) Folding
iv) Typing

d) The purpose of interview is to assess the__________.
i) Candidate
ii) External personality.
iii) Background
iv) Status

e) Video conferencing makes it easier to access expert in_________.
i) Medical Environment
ii) Medical storage
iii) Medical stock
iv) Relevant

f) Voicemail is also known as_________.
i) Voice male
ii) Voice bank
iii) Voice tank
iv) Voice communication

True or False (Attempt any four out of five) [4]:
a) Grapevine communication is associated with Horizontal communication.
b) Voice mail is a computer based system.
c) Orders and directives are the example of downward communication.
d) Warren Buffet invented the WhatsApp.
e) When business letter is written in brief it is said that it has followed the principle of consciousness.

Q2) Short Answer (Attempt any three out of four) [3×8=24]
a) Explain in detail the Need for effective communication.
b) Write is Non-Verbal communication. State importance & Merits Non-Verbal communication.
c) Explain Need of Business correspondence in detail.
d) Write short note on tele conferencing with merits and demerits.

Q3) Long answer (Attempt any two out of four) [2×16=32]
a) Define communication. Explain barriers of communication and suggest the remedies to overcome the barriers.
b) What is Oral communication? Differentiate between oral and written communication.
c) Explain written communication? Explain types of written communication in detail with their merits.
d) State and explain different media of communication in detail.

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