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UNIPUNE B.B.A. Question Papers

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UNIPUNE BBA April 2022 Questions

Principles of Management:
Q1) Compulsory questions.

A) Multiple choice questions:
a) Management is a ___________
i) Pure science
ii) Applied science
iii) Art
iv) Science and Art both

b) ___________ is the chief contributor of the scientific managemet.
i) F.W. Taylor
ii) Peter Drucker
iii) Henry Fayol
iv) Elton Mayo

c) __________ is the primary function of management.
i) Planning
ii) Organising
iii) Staffing
iv) Control

d) ___________ Creates a feeling of fear and threat amongst individuals and employees.
i) Crisis
ii) Stress
iii) Disaster
iv) None of these

e) ___________ is buit on a foundation of ethics, integrity and thrust.
i) TQM
ii) Stress management
iii) Crisis Management
iv) Management of change

Fill in the blanks : [5]
a) According to sheldon, ________ is a process of combining work.
b) _________ is the third function of management.
c) ______________ is known as the founder of Human Relation
d) ____________ is concerned with future events.
e) __________ is an inevitable factor for achieving economic growth.

Q2) Answer any 3 out of 5.
a) What is management? Explain its features. [10]
b) What is organization? Explain its features. [10]
c) Describe Henry Fayol’s contribution to managerial thoughts. [10]
d) What are the benefits from delegation of authority. [10]
e) What is out sourcing? State its merits and demerits. [10]

Q3) Write short notes (Any Four) [20]
a) J.R.D. Tata
b) Maslow’s theory of Motivation
c) Process of controlling
d) Management of Crisis
e) Total Quality Management (TQM)
f) Management of change.

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