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UNIPUNE B.B.A. IB Question Papers

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UNIPUNE BBA IB April 2022 Questions

Principles of Management:
Q1) A) Fill in the blanks (Attempt any 5) : [5]
i) _______ is concerned with future events.
a) Directing
b) Decision-making
c) Forecasting
d) Organising

ii) ______ is an inevitable factor for achieving economic growth.
a) TQM
b) Change
c) Stress
d) Disaster

iii) ______ is closely inter-wined with behaviour.
a) Motivating
b) Staffing
c) Controlling
d) Directing

iv) In a formal organisation, “Power” is associated with _______.
a) control
b) an individual
c) relationship
d) position

v) Outsourcing is _______.
a) Importing
b) A firm having someone else do part of what it previously did itself
c) Exporting
d) Building a factory in another country to produce for that country’s market.

vi) _______ is the deliberate effort to attain the expected outcome through a determined future course of action.
a) Organising
b) Directing
c) Planning
d) Staffing

Q2) Describe Management as an Art, Science and Profession. [15]

Q3) Explain peter Drucker’s contribution to managerial Thoughts. [15]
Explain the principles of scientific management.

Q4) What do you mean by motivation? Critically examine the Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs theory of motivation. [15]
What is forecasting? Describe various techniques of forecasting.

Q5) What is stress management? Explain causes and effects of stress management. [15]
What is management of change? Explain causes of change in the organisation and describe principles of change management

Q6) Write short notes (any 3) : [15]
a) Features of controlling.
b) Contribution of IRD Tata.
c) Role of manager.
d) Crisis management.
e) Principles of Direction.

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