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Year April 2022 Question Papers
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UNIPUNE B.A. Question Papers

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UNIPUNE B.A. April 2022 Questions

Group – J : Education (G – 2)
Q1) Write the answers in 100 words each (any four) : [20]
a) Write the role of education in character development.
b) Write the characteristics of emotional development during adolescence stage.
c) Write characteristics of Basic Education System.
d) Write importance of inclusive Education.
e) Explain the Thorndike’s Law’s of learning.
f) Explain educational importance of heredity.

Q2) Answer the following questions in 200 words (any two) : [20]
a) Explain Dewey’s problem solving method.
b) Explain the Educational importance of motivation.
c) Explain the need of education for special needs students.
d) Explain the characteristics of emotional and social development during Infancy level.

Q3) Answer any one question in 400 words : [20]
a) What is for getting? What are the causes of for getting? Suggest remedies to overcome these.
b) What are the problems in secondary education? Suggest remedies to overcome these.

Q4) Write short notes in 50 words each (any four) : [20]
a) Importance of secondary education.
b) Educational importance of retention.
c) Rousseau’s concept of learning through nature.
d) Educational importance of environment.
e) Characteristics of emotional development in late childhood stage.
f) Role of school to develop International understanding

Group-A : Compulsory English
Q1) Attempt any one from (A) and one from (B) of the following in about 150 words each : [16]
A) i) How does Gandhiji decide to give up his idea of becoming an English Gentleman?
ii) Does Phatik enjoy his stay at his uncle’s house? Explain.
B) i) What lesson do you learn from ‘A Letter by Hazlitt to his Son’?
ii) How according to Tharoor are freedom of the press and democracy essential for progress?

Q2) Attempt any one from (A) and one from (B) of the following in about 150 words each : [16]
A) i) How does Shakespeare glorify ‘mercy’ in ‘The Quality of Mercy’.
ii) Explain the central idea of the poem ‘The Village School master’.
B) i) How does William Wordsworth get impressed by the solitary reaper’s song.
ii) Comment on the title of the poem ‘O Captain! My Captain!’?

Q3) Attempt any one from (A) and one from (B) of the following in about 150 words each : [16]
A) i) Explain the significance of the little box, which Rosemary wished to buy?
ii) Explain the theme of the story ‘The Last Leaf’?
B) i) Briefly explain Kalpana Chawla’s educational achievements?
ii) Write a note on Leacoch’s efforts to remind his friend about the dollar he owes him?

Q4) Attempt any one from (A) and one from (B) of the following in about 150 words each : [16]
A) i) How does Masefield urge us to be cheerful in his poem ‘Laugh and Be Merry’?
ii) Discuss the aptness of the title ‘Still I Rise’?
B) i) Analyze ‘Another Woman’ as a poem of social evil and personal traumas?
ii) What is the central idea of Kamala Das’s poem ‘My Grand Mother’s House’?

Q5) A) Attempt any Six : [6]
i) Sum works very hard.
(Change in a negative sentence)
ii) They are from Mumbai.
(Change in a negative sentence)
iii) You have hidden the letter.
(Rewrite the sentence adding a question tag)
iv) They live in Pune.
(Rewrite the sentence adding a question tag)
v) The woman put the bag down. The bag was very heavy.
(Combine the sentences, to form a complex sentence)
vi) Mathematics is difficult but it is important.
(State whether it is a simple, compound or complex sentence)
vii) The children are ready to play, isn’t he?
(Correct the sentence)
viii) The man who is wearing a white Kurta speaks fluent English.
(Change in a simple sentence)

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