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Course  B. Lib.I.Sc. Library & Information Science
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Year April 2022 Question Papers
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UNIPUNE B.Lib.I.Sc. Question Papers

Download B. Lib.I.Sc. Library & Information Science,  April 2022 Question Papers Online PDF Free

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Download UNIPUNE B.Lib.I.Sc. Question Paper

 B. Lib.I.Sc. Library & Information Science April 2022 Question Papers Download Here

UNIPUNE B.Lib.I.Sc. Library & Information Science Questions

BL-C11 : Foundations of Library And Information Science
Q1) Answer in 300 words : [15]
a) Explain the third law of library science.
b) Explain process of information transfer.

Q2) Answer in 100 words : [10]
a) Explain library as a social institution.
b) Explain the barriers in resource sharing.

Q3) Answer 100 words : [10]
a) Discuss : Library as a cultural organization.
b) Trace the knowledge sharing activities in India.

Q4) Write short notes in 50 words : (Any three) [15]
a) National Library.
b) Copy right act.
c) Professional ethics
d) Public relations.
e) Data and Information.

BL-C12 : Library Management
Q1) Answer in detail in 300 words : [15]
a) Explain the need for book selection. Discuss ‘Demand’ Theory of Book selection.
b) Discuss in detail Urquhart’s principles of management.

Q2) Answer in 100 words : [10]
a) What is meant by staff manual? State its need.
b) What is meant by Auditing? Explain its Types.

Q3) Answer in 100 words : [10]
a) State and justify various columns for a page in an Accession Register.
b) Define management. Explain the qualities of a good manager.

Q4) Write short notes in 50 words (Any three) : [15]
a) Withdrawal policy.
b) Book labels
c) Five Enemies of books.
d) Importance of budget
f) Book Renewal.

BL-C13 : Information Sources, Systems and Service
Q1) Answer in detail with 300 words : [15]
a) Define Information sources. Discuss types of Information sources in detail.
b) What is meant by reference sources? Explain evaluation criteria of Reference sources.

Q2) Answer in detail with 100 words : [10]
a) What is user Education? Discuss methods of user Education.
b) Describe theories of Reference service.

Q3) Answer in detail with 100 words : [10]
a) Define Reference service. Explain need and objectives of Reference services.
b) What is Information systems. Discuss INIS in detail.

Q4) Answer short notes in 50 words (any 3) : [15]
a) Information Literacy
b) RSS Feeds
c) Information needs
d) Subject Gateway
e) Primary and secondary sources

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