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Exam Allied- I Social History of England [SHE]
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Periyar University B.A English [SHE] Model Question Paper

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Download Periyar University B.A English [SHE] Model Question Paper

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Periyar University B.A English [SHE] Model Questions

Section – A (15×1=15):
I. Answer ALL questions:

1. The first printing press was set up in England by _________
a) William Caxton
b) Sir Walter Raleigh
c) Vasco da Gama
d) Christopher Columbus

2. _________ is the Archbishop of Canterbury
a) George Fox
b) Oliver Cromwell
c) William Laud
d) Ignatius Loyola

3. The great plague of ____ is one of the greatest calamities
a) 1666
b) 1665
c) 1636
d) 1660

4.Tories went to the ____________
a) Grecian Coffee House
b)Wills Coffee House
c) Cocoa Tree Chocolate House
d) St. James Coffee House

5. ________ invented the ‘flying shuttle’
a) John Kay
b) Thomas Savery
c) James Watt
d) Edmund Cartwright

6. Bakewell’s new breed of sheep was called _________
a) longhorn cattle
b) horn cattle
c) Leicester sheep
d) long sheep

7. The war of Britain with Napoleon ends with the battle of __________
a) Waterloo
b) Trafalgar
c) Worldwar I
d) Spanish Armada

8. ___________ introduced the second Reform Bill
a) Lord Derby
b) Willian Lovett
c) Disraeli
d) Gladstone

9. Lord Northcliffe founded the ________
a) News Agency
b) Locomotives
c) Daily Mail
d) Postal Reforms

10. The phrase ‘__________’ is used by Winston Churchill
a) Cold Curtain
b) Gold Curtain
c) Iron Curtain
d) State Curtain

11. The _________ act extended the social service programme of the Labour government
a) Family Allowance
b) National Health Service
c) Coal Industry
d) National Insurance

12. Margaret Thatcher became the Prime Minister in ______
a) 1980
b) 1979
c) 1978
d) 1981

13. Royalists were later known as _________
a) Tories
b) kings
c) Whigs
d) Roundheads

14. ________ was largely responsible for the repeal of the combination laws
a) Ernest Bevin
b) Francis Place
c) Ronald Reagan
d) Prince Charles

15. Arundhati Roy won the Booker prize for ____________ in 1997
a) Selection Day b) The Inheritance of Loss c) The White Tiger d) The God of Small Things

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