University Periyar University
Course B.A
Subject English
Year III Year
Exam English For Competitive Examinations [ECE]
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Periyar University B.A English Model Question Paper

Download Periyar University B.A III Year English For Competitive Examinations [ECE] English Model Question Paper PDF Online

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Download Periyar University B.A English Model Question Paper

B.A English III Year ECE Model Question Paper Download Here

Periyar University B.A English Model Questions

Section – A (20 Marks):
I. Answer all the questions (10×2=20)

Correct the errors:
1. (a) Pronoun
(i) Some of my close friend are Russian.
(ii) It is your’s pen.

(b) Article
(i) They had nice lunch.
(ii) Let’s go to the school now.

2. (a) Adverbial Phrase
(i) His progress is much surprising.
(ii) He was hardly hit by his father’s death.

(b) Preposition
(i) I live in Delhi at India.
(ii) The dog jumped in the river.

3. (a) Punctuation
(i) Delhi is a, large, crowded, city.
(ii) Did you say? ”Will you come?”

(b) Homonyms
(i) In a group photograph she always sits ______ her boss. (besides, beside)
(ii) She has a great _______ for life. (zest / jest)

4. (a) Phrasal Verbs
(i) Last night fire broke off in our factory, and in no time it was all over.
(ii) Our new neighbour called at us last evening.

(b) Subject-Verb agreement
(i) Either he or I is right.
(ii) Many a flower are blooming.

5. State the eight basic parts of a business letter.
6. Give two samples for expressing gratitude and its responses.

7. Explain the meaning of the following proverbs
(i) Where there is a will, there is a way
(ii) Honest is the best policy

8. Give the meaning of the following idiomatic expressions
(i) Once in a blue moon
(ii) In broad daylight

9. ———— is the capital of France.
(a)London (b) Paris (c) Cairo

10. The first Indian to receive a Nobel Prize in literature was————-
(a) Rabindranath Tagore (b) Sarojini Naidu (c)Toru Dutt

Section – B (25 Marks):
II. Answer all the questions (5×5=25)

11. (a) Enumerate the functions and classifications of ‘Adverbs’ with suitable examples
(b) Linking Words

Correct the errors in the following sentences:
(i) He went on working very hard in spite his long illness.
(ii) I heard the news of Saddam’s arrest when I drove.
(iii) I was too glad when I met her last night.
(iv) Even so he was not qualified for the job, he applied for it.
(v) We have lost the match and not the battle.

12. Correct the errors in the following sentences
(a) Reported Speech
(i) She told that she will contest the post.
(ii) He asked his friend that you give me RS 1000/-
(iii) The priest told the people never tell a lie.
(iv) My father asked whether you have revised the entire course.
(v) He said that where is Julie these days.

(b) Phrasal Verbs
(i) When I was packing the cup its handle . (came off / came out)
(ii) Our new neighbour us last evening. (called at / called on)
(iii) She ______ in the middle of her speech and left the dais. (broke down / broke off)
(iv) Why don’t you to Canada during your summer vacation? (come over / come on).
(v) Sorry, I and missed the end of the film. (dropped on / dropped off)

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