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Madras University English II Question Paper

Download University of Madras [UNOM] BA / B.Com(CS) / B.Music [UG] English II [71002/CLZ2B] Model Question Papers [Previous Year Question Papers] online free PDF!

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Download UNOM English II CLZ2B Question Papers

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Madras University English II April 2021 Question Paper

Part A – (25 Marks):
Section I – (5 × 2 = 10 Marks):
1. Answer any FIVE of the following questions in about 50 words each.
(a) What do we mean by ‘Human Rights’?
(b) What are the causes of Eve Teasing?
(c) What is remarkable about prayer?
(d) Why does Plomer dislike the telephone?
(e) How does ‘Prometheus Unbound’ show Prometheus?
(f) Who is the narrator of the short story ‘Search for a Stranger’? What is his profession?
(g) What was Colonel Merton’s condition to get Erskine married to Laura Merton?

Section II:
2. Answer any TEN of the following questions as directed : (10 × 1 = 10)

Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with suitable tense forms :
(a) The plane ————— (arrive) sharply.
(b) The car ———— (buy) by me last December.
(c) Show me the way ———— (Complete the sentence with a suitable clause)
(d) They are chasing away the dog.

(Change the Passive Voice)
(e) The windows are opened to allow the air in.

(Change into Active Voice)
(f) A new T.V. was ———— buy by Mathu.
(Complete the sentence in the Passive Form)
(g) A big mole was on his nose.

(Rewrite the sentence using ‘it/there’)
(h) Combine the following using a conjunction.
He finished his dinner. He went for a walk.

(i) Give one word substitute for the following :
One who knows the future in advance is —————
(i) a seeker
(ii) a seer
(iii) a sleeper
(iv) a snooker

(j) Give the antonyms.
(i) irresponsible
(ii) bottom

(k) Change the abstract nouns into other forms.
(i) Luck
(ii) Sincerity

(l) Combine the following sentence into one compound sentence :
They are powerful. I am not scared of them.

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