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Madras University English I Question Paper

Download University of Madras [UNOM] BA / B.Com(CS) / B.Music [UG] English I [71001/CLZ1A] Model Question Papers [Previous Year Question Papers] online free PDF!

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Download UNOM English I CLZ1A Question Papers

Sl. No. Subject Code Month and Year Question Paper
1 CLZ1A APR-2012
2 CLZ1A APR-2013
3 CLZ1A APR-2014
4 CLZ1A APR-2015
5 CLZ1A APR-2016
6 CLZ1A APR-2017
7 CLZ1A APR-2018
8 CLZ1A APR-2019
9 CLZ1A APR-2021
10 CLZ1A NOV-2012
11 CLZ1A NOV-2013
12 CLZ1A NOV-2014
13 CLZ1A NOV-2015
14 CLZ1A NOV-2016
15 CLZ1A NOV-2017
16 CLZ1A NOV-2018
17 CLZ1A NOV-2019
18 CLZ1A NOV-2020
19 CLZ1A Regular April 2018

Madras University English I April 2021 Question Paper

Part A : (25 marks)
1. Answer any FIVE of the following questions in about 50 words each. (5 × 2 = 10)
(a) Who is a ‘doer’, according to Anthony Robbins?
(b) How does David J. Schwartz relate a goal to a dream?
(c) What factors, according to W.R. Inge have made modern man a toothless animal?
(d) What is the sensible reason for reading?
(e) Why does W.B. Yeats want to go to Innisfree?
(f) How does the horse remind Frost of his duty?
(g) What made Rosemary decide to take the beggar girl home?
(h) Why did Robin Khan’s wife desert him?

2. Rewrite as directed any TEN of the following : (10 × 1 = 10)
(a) Rain prevented from ———— on a tour (go) (Fill in the blank with suitable verb given in bracket)
(b) Discuss the appropriates ———— the title. (Fill in the blank with suitable preposition)
(c) I don’t like mangoes. (Change into Affirmative)
(d) The rose smells sweet. (Change into Interrogative)
(e) The students stopped talking. The teacher entered. (Combine the sentence using ‘when’)
(f) He is sitting besides me. (Correct the sentence)
(g) The luggages are heavy. (Correct the sentence)
(h) Running is good for health. (Add a question tag)
(i) When do you get up in the morning? (Give a suitable answer)
(j) Gandhi considers women as the custodian of all. (Frame a suitable question)
(k) ‘Show’. Use the word as a noun and a verb in your sentence.
(l) Give the antonym of the following words carefulness, clear

3. Read the following passage and answer the questions given below : (5 × 1 = 5)
Aesop was born a slave and he served two masters. The second man gave him his freedom in appreciation of his wit and intelligence. After he became a free man Aesop travelled a great deal instructing people through his fables and at the same time learning about the world and its ways. Some of his stories like The Hare and the Tortoise. The Boy who cried ‘Wolf’. The Grasshopper and the Ant and The Fox and the Grapes are popular even today.

He finally settled in Sadris, capital of Lydia, at the invitation of the ruler of the country, King Croesus, who was a great patron of learning and learned men. It was Croesus, however who unwittingly sent him to his death. Croesus wanted someone trustworthy to go to Delphi with a large amount of gold which was to be distributed among the citizens there and he sent Aesop.

The citizens of Delphi, however, were not satisfied with the amount of gold sent. They demanded more. Aesop, in disgust, sent the gold back to his royal master. This enraged the people and they seized him and put him to death.

(a) How did Aesop get his freedom?
(b) What did Aesop do when he became a free man?
(c) Mention any four characters in Aesop’s stories.
(d) Why did he settle down in Sadris?
(e) What engaged the people of Delphi?

Part B : (5 × 4 = 20 marks)
Answer any FIVE of the following in about 150 words each.
4. What are the ways suggested by Anthony Robins to ensure continued success?
5. How according to Inge, will nature punish man?
6. What does L.A.G. Strong mean by ‘reading for pleasure’?
7. Why is nature better than moral philosophy?
8. How is Robert Frost juxtaposing duty and beauty?
9. What is the relevance of the title ‘A Friend in Need’?
10. Why did Rahim Khan fail to marry the girl whom he loved?

Part C : (3 × 10 = 30 marks)
Write essays on any THREE of the following in about 300 words each.
11. Establish the importance of setting goals in success – building.
12. How does W.R. Inge deplore the effects of science on mankind?
13. Give a detailed account of Gandhiji’s views on women.
14. Write a critical appreciation of ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening’.
15. Justify Rosemary’s decision in sending away the beggar girl from her house in ‘A Cup of Tea’.

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