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Department B.E Computer Science
Subject & Subject Code  HS 6251 Technical English II
Regulation & Semester 2018 & II Semester
Year Apr/May 2019
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Anna University Technical English II Question Bank

Anna University B.E Computer Science HS 6251 Technical English II Question Bank

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Download Anna University Technical English II Question Bank

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Anna University Technical English II Questions

1. Choose the correct form of verb that agrees with the subject:
a) One hundred dollars (is/are) not a lot of money to some people.
b) Everybody (was/were) asked to remain quiet.(was/were) able to give a satisfactory
c) Neither the principal nor the teachers explanation.
d) A lady with 10 cats(live/lives) in that big house.

2. Use the following words as noun and verb in a sentence:
Example: work
Noun – I have a lot of work to do today.
Verb – A person must work hard to achieve his or her goal.
a) block
b) protest

3. Complete the text with the correct form of the word given in brackets:
The new circus certainly offers an amazing and impressive range of acts. The knife throwingand flame swallowing acts are —– (frighten) enough to make anyone in the audience feel —– (nerve), the clown acts show many funny things. The gymnastics and thebreathtaking acrobatics are simply —– (spectacle). However, the circus is —–(like) to become really famous because it doesn’t use any animals in its acts.

4. Fill in the blanks with a suitable modal verb from the box:
Mustn’t, may, could, couldn’t, must, needn’t

a) You’ve got plenty of time. You—– hurry.
b) There’s a knock at the door. I’m expecting Joseph. It —– be him.
c) Thanks for your help. I am sure that I ———- do it without you.
d) —– you turn down the volume? It’s too loud.

5. Complete the following sentences using an appropriate word or phrase:
i) Now that our supply of fossil fuels is nearly —– we must find renewable sources of energy.
a) Consumed
b) Exhausted
c) Over
d) Sufficient

ii) My friend has an excellent —– of French
a) authority
b) information
c) command
d) know-how

iii) People traveling across deserts may see objects which are not really there.appropriate term that is used to refer to this phenomenon?
a) Mirage
b) Montage
c) Vintage
d) Melange

iv) The search for the missing hikers was —– by heavy snowfall.
a) denied
b) hampered
c) accelerated
d) prevented

6. Correct the errors in the following sentences:
a) The girl who answered the phone she was polite.
b) The experts discussed about the whole matter.
c) The remake of the film was neither enjoyable and not faithful to the original film.
d) She told her children that she would take them to either the toy store or to the ice creamparlor.

7. Frame questions using the interrogative words given in brackets:
a) She likes cats because they are very nice. (Why)
b) My friends are leaving now. (When)
c) They study English every Wednesday morning. (What)
d) My sister goes to college by train. (How)

8. Fill in the blanks with the suitable tense forms of the verbs given in brackets
a) The pilgrims ——- (arrive) at the airport last night
b) Every year my father(drive) to New Jersey to visit my grandparents.(hear) the news she wrote to me.
c) As soon as Jennifer
d) My friend still hasn’t replied my letter. I(wait) for her reply.

9. Change the following sentences from the passive voice to the active voice.
a) The patient is being examined by the doctor.
b) The DVD recorder has not been repaired by the technician.

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