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Hindustan Olympiad

Identified as one of the world’s biggest Olympiads with a legacy of 5 years, Hindustan Olympiad has empowered more than 8 Lakh students by providing a unique platform to compete at a national level. It is open for all students of classes 1st to 12th. Unlike most ‘one-subject’ examinations, Hindustan Olympiad reveals the competence levels in all major subjects where every participant is given a certificate and an assessment report.

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Download Hindustan Olympiad Question Papers 2015

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Hindustan Olympiad Levels

1st Level: For all Participants – will have this test as Open Book (without any invigilation/proctoring)

2nd Level: For top 10% of the Participants from each class of each district (& municipal corporation zones for Mumbai & Chandigarh) which will be a proctored using Artificial Intelligence. Use of unfair means may result in disqualification.

Only the toppers shall be informed by HMVL in such manner as may be decided by HMVL from time to time. Even after applying all the criteria regarding student ranking in both Level-1 and Level-2 exams, if two students still attain the same rank, then the student with later Date of Birth will be allotted the higher rank. The toppers must collect the Prize within 14 days from the date of notification of his/her winning or Felicitation ceremony or such other date as may be decided by HMVL. Venue for collection will be informed by HMVL through notification.

The topper is solely responsible for any other expenses, loss or damages related to the acceptance/use of the offer or participation in the Contest. Any levies, duties, incidental charges and taxes wherever applicable, shall be borne by the person participating in the Contest. The topper may submit the proof of depositing the tax due on the prize (on the value of Prize) (i.e. challan of depositing the tax) at the time of claiming the prize.

Alternatively, HMVL will be deducting taxes at source as applicable from time to time on the prize (on the value of the prize),therefore, the Participant/topper claiming the prize must furnish his/her PAN number while claiming the prize and in absence of PAN number, HMVL will not issue any TDS certificate to the topper. In case the Participant/ topper does not have a PAN number, then HMVL shall have the discretion to disqualify the Participant/topper from the Contest.

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