Exam Name Unified Cyber Olympiad [UCO]
Organizer Unified Council
Download UCO Sample Question Papers
Classes 2 to 10
Official Website https://www.unifiedcouncil.com/index.html

UCO Cyber Olympiad Sample Question Papers

Unified Cyber Olympiad (UCO) motivates children to strengthen their knowledge of using mental ability, logical reasoning & computer knowledge. Proficiency in these areas will help them in overcoming problems related to software, management crises, lack of judgement and decision-making.

Download Unified Council Olympiads Sample Question Papers Here

Download UCO Cyber Olympiad Sample Question Papers

Class UCO Sample Question Paper
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UCO Cyber Olympiad Sample Questions

Class X Computers:
What is a wireless technology built in electronic gadgets used for exchanging data over short distances?
(A) Bluetooth
(B) Wifi
(C) Modem

What do you mean by verification of login name and password?
(A) Access
(B) Login
(C) Authentication
(D) Logout

Which of the following memory has the shortest access time?
(A) Read only memory
(B) Virtual memory
(C) Random access memory
(D) Cache memory

What is the collection of user message on various subjects that are posted on worldwide network?
(A) Telnet
(B) Usenet
(C) Arpanet
(D) Internet

What does JPEG stands for?
(A) Junction Point Exchange Group
(B) Joint Point Exchange Group
(C) Joint Photographic Experts Group
(D) Junction Photographic Experts Group

Which of the following words is suitable for the given blank?
Having _______, Vivek does not like birds.
(A) ornithophobia
(B) pediophobia
(C) claustrophobia
(D) ranidaphobia

Identify the right option to correct this incorrect one.
He said that he was studying since morning.
(A) he had studied
(B) he was going to
(C) he had been studying
(D) he studies

What does ‘ALLEGIANCE’ mean?
(A) Devotion
(B) Dedication
(C) Compassion
(D) Loyalty

Identify the MISSPELT word.
(A) Sarcofhagus
(B) Maintenance
(C) Lieutenant
(D) Reincarnation

Which option can replace the blank in the given sentence?
We cannot use this machine as the secretary has set a _______ policy.
(A) pinch of salt
(B) dog in the manger
(C) drug on the market
(D) life in the fast lane

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