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RPS Olympiad 

To felicitate the young minds, the promoters of RPS Education Society have unanimously resolved to organize an All India RPS Olympiad for the Classes III to X in Phase-I. This open competition shall aim at bringing forth the hidden talent of the students and assisting them to recognize their caliber. This is an objective type online and offline test based upon the choice of the candidate to be conducted as per the aforesaid schedule.

Download RPS Olympiad Test Papers 2022

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RPS Olympiad 2022 Class III Test Papers

English (15 Marks):
Q.1 Choose the correct option for the jumbled words given below: coffee/cup/drank/a/ of/Mary
a) cup coffee Mary drank of a.
b) coffee Mary drank a cup of.
c) Mary drank a cup of coffee.
d) Mary cup of coffee drank a.

Q.2 Which of the following nouns is a common gender?
a) mother
b) baby
c) boy
d) horse

Q.3 The feminine gender of ‘host’ is _____________.
a) guest
b) mistress
c) maid
d) hostess

Q.4 Pick the correct preposition and complete the following sentence.
Her expenses are _________ her means.
a) at
b) into
c) above
d) after

Q.5 Replace the underlined words with the correct pronoun in the sentence given below.
Johanna and her friends will learn German language.
a) She
b) They
c) we
d) You

Q.6 Pick articles to complete the sentence given below.
How far is ___________ Sun from ________ Earth?
a) a/the
b) the/the
c) an/ the
d) the/ a

Q.7 Choose a suitable adjective to complete the sentence.
Zebras have _____________ skin.
a) striped
b) spotted
c) brown
d) grey

Q.8 Pick the superlative degree from the given options:
a) heavy
b) heavier
c) heaviest
d) more heavy

Q.9 Pick the proper noun from the options mentioned below:
a) pen
b) The Hindu
c) childhood
d) table

Q.10 Find the kind of noun for the underlined word:
He is a wonderful player.
a) proper
b) common
c) abstract
d) collective

Q.11 Choose the correct preposition to complete the sentence given below.
He reached the station ________ bus.
c) by
d) into

Q.12 Fill in the blank with the correct article.
My brother is _______ honest man.
b) an
c) the
d) no article

Q. 13 Fill in the blank with an appropriate conjunction.
Listen to the story _________ answer the questions in complete sentences.
a) and
b) but
c) because
d) for

Q.14 Fill in the blank with the correct pronoun.
My grandparents live in Mumbai. _______ often visit us.
a) They

Q.15 Choose the correct option for the jumbled words given below:
Rajpath/ my/ lived/ uncle/ just/ across
a)Rajpath just lived across my uncle.
b) Across lived just my uncle Rajpath.
c) My uncle lived just across Rajpath.
d)My Rajpath lived across just uncle.

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