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UNIPUNE  M.Com Question Papers

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UNIPUNE  M.Com April 2022 Questions

Management Accounting:
Q1) Define the term ‘Working Capital’. Explain the factors to be considered while determining working capital. [15]
You are given the following data for the year 2021 for a factory.
Output : 40,000 units
Fixed expenses : Rs. 2,00,000
Variable cost per unit : Rs. 10
Setting price per unit : Rs. 20

How many units must be produced and sold in the year 2022, if it is anticipated that selling price would be reduced by 10%, variable cost would be Rs. 12 per unit, and fixed cost will increase by 10%? The factory would like to make a profit in 2022 equal to that of the profile in 2021.

Q2) Write Short Notes (Any Three) : [15]
a) Management Accounting as a decision making tool.
b) Cost – Volume Profit Analysis.
c) Budget Manual
d) Inventory Management.
e) Standardization of Accounting system.
f) Purchasing and leasing

Strategic Management (Compulsory):
Q1) Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate alternative (Any Six) : [6]
i) _________are the different course of action available for a business unit to pursue its objective at a given point of time.
a) Strategic Review
b) Strategic Evaluation
c) Strategic Alternatives

ii) _________of the following is NOT a major element of the Strategic Management Process.
a) Formulating Strategy
b) Implementing Strategy
c) Assigning Administrative tasks

iii) The primary focus of Strategic management is on __________
a) Profit Maximization
b) Entire Organisation
c) Short term perspective

iv) ______ takes into consideration the limited natural resources.
a) Social Development
b) Sustainable Development
c) Economical Development

v) DMAIC is a methodology to improve the existing business process is a part of __________.
a) Six Sigma
b) Merger
c) Acquisition

vi) Strategy evaluation is necessary to test the___________ of strategies in achieving objectives.
a) Benefits
b) Effectiveness
c) Barriers

vii) _________ is a set of interlinked value creating activities performed by an organization.
a) Value Chain Analysis
b) Historical Analysis
c) Quantitative Analysis

viii) The fundamental purpose of the existence of any organization is described by its _________.
a) Policies
b) Mission
c) Strategies

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