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UNIPUNE MCA Question Papers

Download Savitribai Phule Pune University [UNIPUNE] MCA April 2022 Question Papers Online PDF Free.

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UNIPUNE MCA April 2022 Questions

Data Structures:
Q1) a) Explain two-dimensional arrays with row and column major implementation. Explain address calculation in both cases with example. [6]
b) What is ADT? Write an ADT for Array. [6]

Q2) a) Differentiate linear vs nonlinear, static vs dynamic data structures. [6]
b) Write a pseudo C algorithm for simple transpose of sparse matrix. Also mention the time complexity. [6]

Q3) a) Write a function in C/C++ to traverse the doubly linked list from right to left, Printing out the contents of the data field of each node. [6]
b) Write C code to evaluate a polynomial term. [6]

Q4) a) Write Pseudo C code for inserting node in the circular linked list. [6]
b) Compare singly linked list and doubly linked list with suitable example.[6]

Q5) a) Convert the following infix expression to postfix using stacks. Show the contents of stack after every pass. [6] (a + b / c) * (d + e)
b) Explain use of stack in backtracking. [5]

Object Oriented Programming:
Q1) a) Explain main pillars of Object Oriented Programming. [6]
b) Describe the need of header files in Object-Oriented Programming. [5]

Q2) a) Compare C & C++ platforms. [6]
b) Define comment. Why is it important to write comments in programs?[5]

Q3) a) Explain the concept of looping statements with example. [6]
b) Create a class staff having fields: Staff_id, name, salary. Write a menu driven program for : [6]
i) To accept the data
ii) To display the data

Q4) a) Describe with examples Inline function and static data member. [6]
b) Write a program to print factorial of given number using special functions constructor & destructor. [6]

Q5) a) Write a program to overload binary operators ‘>’ and ‘<’ to compare two strings. [6]
b) Explain the types of polymorphism with example. [6]

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