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UNIPUNE M.E Question Papers

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UNIPUNE M.E April 2022 Questions

Construction Technology:
Q1) a) Explain micro tunneling explain in detail. [5]
b) Explain Electro osmosis dewatering method. State advantages of the dewatering system. [5]

Q2) a) Explain Electro Osmosis dewatering process in detail with its applicability. [5]
b) Enlist the grouting materials used. Focus on cement grouting in detail.[5]

Q3) a) Explain underwater concreting using tremie method. [5]
b) Explain the sequential operations involved in construction of sheet pile cofferdam for construction of bridge pier. [5]

Q4) a) Explain in detail various types and erection methods of shuttering. [5]
b) “Rapid Hardening Cement is suitable for under water concreting”, support this statement with conditions of under waters. [5]

Q5) a) Discuss the operations involved in construction of micro piles. [5]
b) Explain what is pumped concrete with diagram? [5]

Q6) a) Explain construction of single wall cofferdam. [5]
b) Which factors are considered in geotechnical investigation of caisson construction? State importance of each factor. [5]

Q7) a) Explain components of coffer dam with diagram. [5]
b) Explain in detail bored – Piles. [5]

Q8) a) Explain the methods of support during pile driving with diagram. [5]
b) Explain with neat diagrams about pile capacity. [5]

Q9) a) Explain in detail precast caissons and write its advantages and disadvantages. [5]
b) Discuss methods of construction for well foundations. [5]

Q10)a) Explain with neat sketch earth and rock fill cofferdam with its advantages and disadvantages. [5]
b) Explain pneumatic caissons in details. [5]

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