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UNIPUNE F.E Question Papers

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UNIPUNE F.E April 2022 Questions

Systems In Mechanical Engineering:
Q1) a) Define Vehicle Specification. Explain following Engine specification.[7]
i) Power of Engine
ii) Cylinder Capacity
iii) Type of Transmission
b) Explain Electric Vehicle with neat diagram. [7]
c) Draw four stroke S I Engine diagram and labeled engine component on it. [4]

Q2) a) Write short note on hybrid vehicle. Name any one example. [7]
b) Classify Automobile, Compare specification of two wheeler and LMV (two points). [7]
c) Write short note cost analysis of Vehicle. [4]

Q3) a) Expalain ABS system with neat diagram. [7]
b) Draw and Explain layout of an Automobile. [7]
c) Draw neat diagram of Single Plate Clutch. [3]

Q4) a) Explain water cooling used in vehicle with neat diagram. [7]
b) Explain Rear Engine Rear Wheel Drive System with neat diagram. [7]
c) Draw neat diagram of Drum Brake. [3]

Q5) a) Define and casting process. Write any two advantages, disadvantages and application each. [7]
b) Define sheet metal operation. Explain punching and blanking with neat diagram. [7]
c) Write short note on CNC Machine. [4]

Q6) a) Define Machining operation. Explain turning and drilling operation principal with neat diagram. [7]
b) Explain Shielded metal arc welding with neat diagram. Write any one application. [7]
c) Write short note on IOT. [4]

Q7) a) Explain working of washing machine with neat diagram. [7]
b) Explain working of Solar Heater with neat diagram. [7]
c) Draw neat diagram of Water Tap. [3]

Q8) a) Explain with neat diagram working of vaccum cleaner. [7]
b) Explain brake paddle with neat diagram. [7]
c) If Refrigerator is used to maintain temperature of 4ºC by removing 60kJ/sec of heat from inside with help of compressor of capacity 30kW. Compute COP of refrigerator. [3]

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