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UNIPUNE M.Ed Question Papers

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UNIPUNE M.Ed April 2022 Questions

Psychology Of Learning And Development:
Q1) Explain nature and characteristic features of structuralism. Explain its educational importance. [15]
Explain Guilford’s theory of intelligence with a proper diagram. Give the educational importance of Guilford’s theory with suitable examples. [15]

Q2) What do you mean by trait theory? Explain in brief cattell’s trait theory of personality with educational implications. [15]
Explain Bruner’s concept attainment model. Give the importance of Bruner’s model in the teaching learning process. [15]

Q3) Write short notes (any four) [20]
a) Factors influencing learning.
b) Educational importance of piaget’s cognitive development theory.
c) Concept of Emotional intelligence.
d) Application of Gestalt’s principles in teaching learning.
e) Educational implications of Bloom’s mastery learning theory.
f) Factors influencing development.

History And Political Economy Of Education:
Q1) Explain Vedic and Buddhist education system in India with reference to,[15]
a) Aims of Education b) Curriculum
c) Methods of teaching d) Role of teacher
Explain briefly the main features of the following commissions.
a) Radhakrishnan commission (1948).
b) Mudaliar commission (1952)
c) Revised national policy of education (1992)

Q2) What is political economy of Education state it’s importance of growth, equality and social change. [15]
Describe the role of state government in policy making, financing and regulating secondary education. Give suggestions for development of secondary education.

Q3) Write short notes (any four) [20]
a) Recommendations of Kothari Commission.
b) Describe the relationship between education and economic development.
c) Write about challenges of privatization of education.
d) Impact of globalization on education.
e) Write note on education and human development index of India.
f) Explain contribution of woods despatch in Indian education.

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