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UNIPUNE B.Arch Question Papers

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UNIPUNE B.Arch April 2022 Questions

Building Construction & Materials – III:
‎Section – I:
Q1) A single floor garage of size 5m × 5m has peripheral columns. Each column is of size 450 × 230. Design an appropriate foundation for the given column. The Depth of the Hard strata is 1.5M. Show plinth beam at appropriate height. Draw the foundation detail and section at a scale of 1:10. Support with extra details if necessary. [20]
A slab has to be designed for room of size 3m × 4.5m. Design the appropriate reinforcement details. The drawing has to be drafted at a scale of 1:20. The drafted plan and 2 sections drawn should contain all the necessary dimensions & nomenclature.

Q2) Draw well labelled sketches of any 3 out of five given questions. [15]
a) Sketch raft footing with necessary details.
b) Sketch appropriate foundation for a sloping site.
c) Sketch detail at column beam junction.
d) Sketch detail of lintel and Chajja for a window of Height 1.2 M.
e) Sketch formwork for a column.

Section – II:
Q3) Answer any seven from the following 10 questions : [35]
a) What is soil mechanics and why is it important in footing design?
b) Explain in detail the behaviour and properties of Red and Black cotton soil.
c) Explain in detail different types of failures in foundations.
d) Explain with sketches different types of raft footings.
e) What is combined footing and why is it necessary. Support your answer with sketches.
f) Explain the different constituents of concrete and their mix ratio used in practice.
g) What is curing? Explain how we cure different curing methods for various RCC building elements.
h) Explain different types of test we conduct on concrete.
i) Explain the reinforcement steel and its types.
j) Explain different types of flooring.

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