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UNIPUNE B.Ed Question Papers

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 B.Ed April 2022 Question Papers Download Here

UNIPUNE B.Ed April 2022 Questions

Childhood & Growing Up:
Q1) What is Growth and development? Write the differences between growth and development. Explain principles of development. [15]
What is mean by Heridity and environment? Explain importance of Heridity and environment in teaching learning process. [15]

Q2) Explain the concept of inclusive education How will you identify learning disabled student in your classroom? Write the characteristics of such student. What measures will you take to teach learning disabled students. [15]
What is mean by individual differences? Explain the causes of individual differences with examples. How will you guide the student for their development by considering the concept of individual differences. [15]

Q3) What is mean by multiculturalism? Which differences occurs in students due to multiculturalism Explain which teaching strategies will you use in multicultural classroom? [15]
What do you mean by learning styles? Explain the types of learning styles. What teaching strategies will you use to teach such students having different learning styles

Q4) Explain the meaning of cultural dimension on growing up w.r.t social values, customs, traditions, cultural institutions. [15]
What are the types of mass media? What are the positive and negative effect of mass media on the development of the students? Elaborate. [15]

Q5) Answer the following (any four) : [20]
a) Explain the stages of development.
b) Suggest any five activities for moral development of the adolescent stage.
c) Write characteristics of creative learner.
d) Write the impact of internet on school students.
e) Explain the characteristics of Dictatorship government.
f) Write the characteristics of mental development of adolescent stage

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