Board Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board [KSEEB]
Exam SSLC Exam [Class 10th]
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Year June 2014
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Official Website https://sslc.karnataka.gov.in/english

KSEEB SSLC Exam Question Papers

Download  Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board [KSEEB] June 2014 SSLC Examination Question Papers

Download KSEEB SSLC 2012-2022 Question Papers Here

Download SSLC June 2014 Question Papers

KSEEB SSLC June 2014 Question Papers Download

SSLC English Question Paper

Four alternatives are given for each of the following questions / incomplete statements. Only one of them is correct or most appropriate. Choose the correct alternative and write the complete answer along with its alphabet in the space provided against each question.

1. ‘On the Rule of the Road’ is taken from
(A) Leaves in the Wind
(B) On Books
(C) Madonna of the Unknown Nation
(D) The Thakur’s Well.

2. Raphael : a famous Italian painter :: Beethoven :
(A) Muslim ruler who was also a religious head
(B) American scientist
(C) a famous critic
(D) a great German composer.

3. A large fierce flesh-eating tropical fish is known as
(A) Whaler
(B) Shark
(C) Barracuda
(D) Adams Bridge.

4. An invocation in Bharatnatyam is
(A) Padam
(B) Alarippu
(C) Varnam
(D) Shabdam.

5. The original title of “The Long Exile” is
(A) Truth always wins
(B) God sees the truth but waits
(C) Justice delayed is justice denied
(D) Truth cannot be hidden.

6. The shoe-shine boy polished only the left shoe because
(A) he was left-handed
(B) he had specialised in the use of left hand
(C) he had no right hand
(D) he found it interesting.

7. The sign of Rustum’s seal was
(A) Dragon
(B) Porcelain vase
(C) Griffin
(D) Zal.

8. ‘Autumn’ is conspiring with
(A) the poet
(B) the spring
(C) the cottage trees
(D) maturing sun.

9. Emily Dickinson was known as
(A) the high priest of nature
(B) bosom friend
(C) the woman in white
(D) kind suitor.

10. God withheld which gift from man ?
(A) Rest
(B) Wisdom
(C) Strength
(D) Beauty

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