Board Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board [KSEEB]
Exam SSLC Exam [Class 10th]
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Year September 2020
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KSEEB SSLC Exam Question Papers

Download Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board [KSEEB] September 2020 SSLC Examination Question Papers

Download KSEEB SSLC 2012-2022 Question Papers Here

Download SSLC September 2020 Question Papers

SSLC English Question Paper

I. Four alternatives are given for each of the following questions / incomplete statements. Only one of them is correct or most appropriate. Choose the correct alternative and write the complete answer along with its letter of alphabet :

1. I watched ………………. boy helping ……………….. old man cross the road. The suitable articles to be filled in the blanks in the above sentence are
(A) an ; the
(B) a ; a
(C) the ; a
(D) the ; an.

2. The Manager appointed a new Secretary and …………… the old one. The appropriate antonym of the underlined word is
(A) selected
(B) reported
(C) dismissed
(D) excused.

3. They waited ……………….. the bus stop ………………. the next bus. The correct pair of prepositions to be filled in the blanks is
(A) by ; for
(B) at ; for
(C) for ; for
(D) by ; of.

4. The thieves found it easy to ………………. the house, as it was vacant and steal the valuables. The proper phrasal verb to be used to fill in the blank is
(A) break out
(B) break down
(C) break into
(D) break with.

5. “You are Kuntidevi’s own first born, ………………. ?” A suitable question tag to the above sentence is
(A) aren’t you
(B) weren’t you
(C) are you
(D) were you.

6. “I had a dove and the sweet dove died.” The figure of speech used in the above line is
(A) Personification
(B) Metaphor
(C) Simile
(D) Alliteration.

II. Observe the relationship in the first pair of words and complete the second pair accordingly in the following :
7. Sail : Sale :: Stare : …………………….. .
8. A remedy for all diseases : Panacea :: Loss of memory : ………………….. .
9. Angel : Angelic :: Autumn : ……………………. .
10. Grateful : Ungrateful :: Agreeable : ……………………. .

III. Rewrite as directed :
11. Change the voice of the verb in the following sentence :
He was made a general by the king.

12. Rewrite the sentence using the appropriate tense forms of the verbs in the brackets :
After I ( hear ) the news I ( hurry ) to see her.

13. Punctuate the sentence :
what an easy paper said ashok

IV. Answer the following questions in a sentence each :
14. What does Rabindranath Tagore compare the girl’s movement on the road to ?
15. How did Lochinvar escape with Ellen from the Netherby Hall ?
16. Why are Indian shoppers thrilled ?
17. What are businessmen mainly trained to do ?

V. Answer the following questions in two or three sentences each :
18. How did Pasteur contribute to his country during the First World War ?
19. What did the narrator infer when the girl was startled by his voice ?
20. How did the female crane react soon after the male bird was shot ?
21. How does Shakespeare compare himself to a dying fire ?
22. Why does John Masefield feel ashamed to meet his mother who is in the grave ?
23. Why was Captain Smollett unhappy before The Hispaniola set sail ?
24. How did Ulysses and his men blind the cyclop ?

VI. Rewrite as directed :
25. Change the following sentence to the other two degrees of comparison :
Diamond is harder than any other substance.

26. Change the following sentence into simple and compound sentences :
As soon as he received the news he left the place.

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