Exam VMC NAT National Level Online Test 2021
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Classes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11
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VMC NAT Syllabus 2021

Download VMC NAT National Level Online Test for Admission and Scholarship 2021 Syllabus Online

Download Vidyamandir VMC NAT National Admission Test Sample Paper & Syllabus 2023 Here

Download VMC NAT Syllabus 2021

VMC NAT Syllabus 2021 Download

VMC NAT 2021 Instructions

Do’s For The Test

• Test all your gadgets and network connection as suggested in the guidelines before the exam starts. Ensure that your Laptop is charged.
• Run the ‘compatibility check’ before taking the test.
• Ensure that the web camera is enabled and switched on with enough light for visibility.
• Uninstall any third party software installed on the system for webcam before starting the test
• Keep your Government ID proof ready to show when prompted for.
• Please only TYPE your details in the registration form and do not copy-paste.
• Please use only your registered email ID for logging into the exam.
• Keep a check on your proctor chat window. Proctors try to reach you only for important messages.
• In any case if you move away from your test window, you will receive a warning message. Not adhering to the warning will lead to auto-submission of the exam. Please ensure all notifications, pop-ups are closed before you start the test to avoid the computer screen navigation away from the online test window.

Don’ts For The Test

• Do not refer to any other material or do not browse the internet to find the solution. Your screen details will get captured from the backend for monitoring and review.
• During the exam do not access your mobile phone, earphone, calculator or any other electronic device during the exam
• During the exam Monitoring will be real-time, and hence your exam may get terminated if unfair practice is followed.
• Please note that the system will detect suspicious activities (additional people in the room, using mobile phones/calculators/books, candidate absence and other suspicious movement etc), and report such activities to the authorities.
• There should be no one around you or talking to you while you are giving the exam.
• Please ensure that there are no loud noises or disturbances of any kind. Do not read the questions aloud.
• Bio breaks are not allowed during the exam.

Important Note:
“During the examination; cases of malpractice, copying and impersonation etc. occurring are duly booked and reported to the Institute and it would enforce to take appropriate action or termination of the respective exam” 

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