Exam MENIIT Scholarship Test [MST] 2024
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MENIIT Scholarship Test [MST]

At MENIIT, we believe that education should be accessible to everyone who is passionate about it. MST (MENIIT Scholarship Test) is designed to recognise and reward the dedication, knowledge, and potential of students aiming for the NEET, IIT JEE, and other entrance examinations. We encourage all students to appear in the MST (MENIIT Scholarship Test) and showcase their knowledge and skills. Unleash your potential and get the opportunity to transform your dream into reality with MENIIT. Merit-Based Scholarship will be awarded based on your performance in the MENIIT Scholarship Test.

Download MENIIT Scholarship Test [MST] Sample Papers 2024 Here

Download MENIIT Scholarship Test Syllabus 2024

MST will be conducted in offline/Online mode.

Exam Syllabus
MENIIT Scholarship Test [MST] Syllabus April 2024 Download Here

MENIIT Scholarship Test [MST] FAQs

What is MST and when is it conducted?
MST (MENIIT Scholarship Test) is an initiative of MENIIT to inspire and support the students of economically weaker sections. MST provides an opportunity to avail up to 100% scholarship in tuition fee for MENIIT classroom courses.

Will MST be applicable on all courses?
The scholarship will be applicable on NEET, JEE & Foundation Classroom courses.

Can MST be transferred to another candidate (friend/sibling)?
The MST (MENIIT Scholarship Test) cannot be transferred to another candidate (friend/sibling). The candidate whose name appears on the MST merit list will only be eligible for the scholarship.

MST will be applicable on the total fee or tuition fee?
MST will be applicable on the total tuition fees only.

What will be the test pattern and difficulty level of questions?
The MST (MENIIT Scholarship Test) consists of ** multiple-choice questions of moderate difficulty level.

Will there be any separate batches for the MST-qualified students?
There are no separate batches for the MST-qualified students. The students who have taken direct admission and MST-qualified students will be admitted in the same batches.

Is a spot registration facility available at examination centres?
Spot registration facility is not available. Interested candidates have to register on or before the last date of the registration.

In which cities MST will be conducted?
MST will be conducted offline at MENIIT Delhi centre.

Is it possible to appear for MST through online mode?
Yes its possible to appear for MST through online mode.

How to prepare for MST?
MST is conducted to test logical thinking and fundamentals in the form of multiple-choice questions.Referring to and practicing fundamental concepts will be highly beneficial.

Is it possible to change the exam city after the registration?
Change in exam city will not be possible; hence, it’s advisable to fill out the registration form carefully.

MENIIT Scholarship Test [MST] Terms & Conditions

The scholarship will be applicable on NEET, JEE & Foundation Classroom courses. Scholarship will be cancelled; in case any student is found guilty of malpractice by any means. MENIIT management reserves all rights to make any alterations as per the situation. The decision taken by the management will remain final and abiding by all.

MENIIT Scholarship Test [MST] Contact

Email ID: info [AT] meniit.com
Mobile Number:+91-8448815580

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