Exam ALLEN Digital Scholarship Admission Test (ADSAT) 2024
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ALLEN Digital Scholarship Admission Test (ADSAT) 2024

ADSAT (ALLEN Digital Scholarship Admission Test) is an opportunity to secure scholarships of up to 90% on ALLEN Online Programs. The test has no registration fee. If you’re interested in Offline courses, kindly visit your nearest ALLEN center to take the test. Students studying in class 7th upto 11th in 2023-24 are eligible to participate in ADSAT 2024. Students can utilise the scholarships to enrol in online programs for class 8th upto 12th respectively for the academic year 2024-25.

Download ALLEN ADSAT 2024 Scholarship Test Sample Question Paper Here

Download ALLEN ADSAT 2024 Scholarship Test Syllabus

Class Syllabus
Class VII For students in class VII preparing for class VIII Download Here
Class VIII For students in class VIII preparing for class IX Download Here
Class IX For students in class IX preparing for class X Download Here
Class X (NEET) For students in class X preparing for class XI Download Here
Class X (JEE) For students in class X preparing for class XI Download Here
Class XI (NEET) For students in class XI preparing for class XII Download Here
Class XI (JEE) For students in class XI preparing for class XII Download Here

Why You Should Take ADSAT?

With the ALLEN Digital Scholarship Admission Test (ADSAT), you can earn attractive scholarships (from 5% to 90%) on ALLEN Online Programs for NEET, JEE & Classes 8-10. Students currently in classes 7-11 are eligible for ADSAT. Register for free. Batches start April onwards, so grab your seat now!

Students can access the test on the day of the test via a link that will be shared on SMS and email, as well as on the website. Student can take the test anytime within their test window (9am-1pm for Class 7th to 9th, 2pm-6pm for Class 10th and 11th). It is advised to log in latest by 1 hr before the end of your slot time to avoid any access issues (ie by 5pm at the latest for Class 10th and 11th). To participate in the test, students require a mobile, tablet, or computer with a reliable internet connection and a functional camera. The login details will be as follows: Username: Registered Phone number for ADSAT Password: DOB

The scholarship results will be published within a day of the exam. SMS communication will also be sent on registered mobile number. Students should download this app – to see their scholarship results. (Note: Only scholarship discount is displayed on the app. Test results, marks, ranks will not be published for ADSAT)

More about ADSAT:
• Get scholarships from 5% to 90%
• Register for Free – Only one registration per user this year
• Eligibility: Students in current class 7-11, moving to 8-12
• Exclusive counselling for ADSAT takers

ADSAT Trustscore:
Trustscore is a mechanism to enforce test integrity and is a good indicator of the test credibility for users taking the proctored online test. The student’s behavior and movements during the online proctored test are recorded and evaluated by software. Students start off their tests with a trust score of 100%, which is progressively reduced with every non-compliant behaviour. Trust score will be an important decision parameter for online ADSAT tests – Lower trust score may impact the scholarship despite great test scores.

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