Exam Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan (VVM)
Level Dwitiya Senior Group
Classes Class IX, X & XI
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VVM Dwitiya Senior Group Model Question Paper

Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan (VVM), is a National program for educating and popularizing science among school students of VI to XI standards. VVM aims to identify and nurture the bright minds among the student community, who are keen on subjects related to science. Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan is a unique app based online examination for school students to be conducted at national level.

Download VVM Prathama Junior Group Model Question Paper

Download VVM Dwitiya Senior Group Model Question Paper

VVM Dwitiya Senior Group Model Question Paper Download Here

VVM Dwitiya Senior Group Model Questions

Which tissue will function better for diffusion?
1. (a) squamous epithelium
(b) smooth muscles
(c) columnar epithelium
(d) cartilage

2. What is true for a fish?
(a) it has two chambered heart
(b) it has limbs
(c) it shows absence of bones
(d) it has three chambered heart

3. AIDS (HIV) can be transmitted by_____________.
(a) sports
(b) sexual contact
(c) hugging
(d) sharing meals

4. The main three ingredients (elements) which chemical fertilizers normally supply to plants are________________, __________ and _____________.
(a) nitrogen, potassium and cadmium
(b) nitrogen, phosphorus and iron
(c) nitrogen, carbon and oxygen
(d) nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium

5. The developmental stage between egg and adult frog is _______.
(a) fish like larva
(b) cocoon
(c) worm like body
(d) caterpillar

6. The first product of deamination is ____________.
(a) methane
(b) ammonia
(c) urea
(d) uric acid

7. Benjamin Franklin, who was a politician and a diplomat, proved that lightning was manifestation of electric discharge and he also invented ____________
(a) Lightning conductor
(b) Current Transformer
(c) Bifocal lenses
(d) Laser Rays

8. Louis Pasteur graduated with honours in Physics and Mathematics but worked mainly in the field of ________________
(a) Bio-Informatics
(b) Zoology
(c) Chemistry
(d) Astronomy

9. The concepts of astronomy and metaphysics are all described in ___________, an ancient Hindu text of Vedic era.
(a) Rig Veda
(b) Atharva Veda
(c) Vishnu Puran
(d) Upnishad

10. The Iron Pillar of Delhi is famous for its __________
(a) Mechanical Properties
(b) Metallurgical Properties
(c) Height
(d) Use as a time machine

11. Medieval Arabs purchased their boats from India because:
(a) Indian Boats were cheaper
(b) Indian boats were made of non-corrosive steel
(c) Indian boats were bigger and more sophisticated
(d) Indian boats were available in vibrant colors and designs

12. Dr. Venu Bappu is very much respected and honoured name. His contribution was in the field of
(a) Green Revolution
(b) White revolution
(c) Nuclear Science
(d) Astronomy

13. GMRT is very well known facility in India. It is related with
(a) Road transport
(b) Remote sensing
(c) Radiation therapy
(d) Radio astronomy

14. The University of Cambridge offered C V Raman a professor’s job which he declined stating that_______________
(a) He was a vegetarian and it was not possible for him to live in another country
(b) Salary offered was less
(c) He was not interested in teaching job
(d) He was an Indian and wanted to serve his country

15. Which of the following is NOT true for Ayurveda?
(a) Ayurveda is one of the four basic Vedas in ancient Vedic literature.
(b) Ayurveda is a compilation of knowledge about ailments, symptoms, diagnosis and cure.
(c) Ayurveda is not a book to recite; it is a system of medical practice.
(d) Charak Sanhita was written prior to Ayurveda

16. Which of the following is named as Jawahar Sthal (tokgj LFky)?
(a) A building in Allahabad i. e. the birth place of Jawaharlal Nehru.
(b) A museaun of on Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.
(c) A small area on moon in relation with Chandrayaan-1 mission.
(d) Nehru’s residence in New Dehli.

17. The motivational slogan used by Dr Kalam ‘I can do it’ was inspired from Cesar Chavez. Who was Chavez?
(a) A labour leader
(b) A Professor
(c) Actor
(d) A Scientist

18. Dr Kalam joined his first service in Directorate of Technical Development and Production (Air). This organization was mandated to carry out inspection of which field?
(a) Military aircraft
(b) Civil aircraft
(c) Missiles maintenance
(d) Medicine

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