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Vidal Health Customer Care Centre

Our Customer Care Centre operates 24 /7 around the year for the benefit of the Insured person. Our Customer Care Center provides instant accessibility to the clients for all information required for medical services facilitation and claim status.

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The Customer Care Centre answers to all queries related to Coverage & Benefits under the Policy. It will provide the information on the Insurer’s office, procedures & products related to Health Insurance. It will help the customers with information on Third Party Administrative services.

General guidance & information is provided on :
** Cashless & hassle-free treatment subject to the availability of medical details required by our Medical Team.
** Network Providers and contact details numbers.
** Benefit details under the policy and the balance Sum Insured available with the Insured person.
** Claim Status Information to the Insured person.
** Details of the shortfall in the documents requested for claim processing/settlement.
** Any other relevant information to the Insured person.

Vidal Health Customer Care Centre Languages

The Customer Care Centre services are available in English & Hindi. Customer Care Center can be reached using the below numbers.

Vidal Health National Customer Care Number

Bangalore Voice +91-80-28004100
Fax +91-80-26281925
Mumbai Voice +91-22-29214950
Fax +91-22-29214880
Chennai Voice +91-44-28159904
Fax +91-44-28158615
New Delhi Voice +91-120-4809800
Fax +91-120-4809820
Cochin Voice +91-484-2358683
Fax +91-484-2359269
Coimbatore Voice +91-422-2491335
Fax +91-422-2491309
Hyderabad Voice +91-40-66061300
Fax +91-40-66061315
Kolkata Voice +91-33-22884197
Fax +91-33-22884194
Pune Voice +91-20-25530394
Fax +91-20-25530398
Visakhapatnam Voice +91-891-6670197
Fax +91-891-2723959
Toll – Free Number Voice 1800-425-8885
Fax 1800-425-2626

Standard Exclusions:
Unless the policy under which you are covered provides otherwise, this insurance policy will not pay any claims arising from:

1. All diseases/ injuries which are pre existing when the cover incepts for the first time.

2. Any disease other than those stated in the third exclusion below contracted by the insured person during the first 30 days from the commencement date of the policy. This exclusion shall not however apply if in the opinion of the Panel of Medical Practitioners constituted by the Company for this purpose, the insured person could not have known of the existence of the disease or any symptoms or complaints thereof at the time of making the proposal for insurance to the Insurance company. This condition shall not however apply in case of the insured person having been covered under this scheme or group insurance with any of the India Insurance companies for a continuous period of preceding 12 months without any break.

3. During the first year of the operation of Insurance cover, the expenses on treatment of disease such as Cataract, Benign Prostate Hypertrophy, Hysterectomy for Menorrhagia or Fibromyoma, Hernia, Hydrocele, Congenital internal disease/defect, Fistula in anus, piles, Sinusitis and related disorders are not payable. If these diseases (other than congenital internal diseases/defect) are pre existing at the time of proposal they will not be covered even during subsequent period of renewal. If insured is aware of the existence of congenital internal diseases/defect before inception of policy it will be treated as pre-existing. Sometimes the policies exclude some of the diseases/ procedures for a period longer than 1 year like Knee Replacement/ Hip Replacement for 4 years.

4. Injury or disease directly or indirectly caused by or arising from or attributable to War, Invasion, Act of Foreign enemy, war like operations (whether war be declared or not).

5. Circumcision unless for treatment of a disease not excluded hereunder or as may be necessitated due to an accident, vaccination or inoculation or change of life or cosmetic or aesthetic treatment of any description, plastic surgery other than as may be necessitated due to an accident or as a part of any illness.

6. Cost of spectacles and contact lenses, hearing aids.

7. Any dental treatment or surgery which is a corrective, cosmetic or aesthetic procedure, including wear and tear, unless arising from disease or injury and which requires hospitalisation for treatment.

8. Convalescence, general debility, “Run-down” condition or rest cure, congenital external disease or defects or anomalies, sterility, venereal disease, intentional self-injury and use of intoxicating drugs/ alcohol.

9. All expenses arising out of condition directly or indirectly caused to or associated with human T cell lymphotropic virus type III (HTLB III) or lymphadinopathy associated virus (LAV) or the mutant’s derivative or variations deficiency syndrome or any syndrome or condition of a similar kind commonly referred to as “AIDS”.

10. Charges incurred at hospital or nursing home primarily for diagnostic, X-Ray or laboratory examinations not consistent with or incidental to the diagnosis and treatment of the positive existence or presence of any ailment, sickness or injury for which confinement is required at a hospital/ nursing home.

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