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Class High School/ Class 10th/Class X
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Year 2020
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UBSE Class 10th Model Question Paper 2020

Download Uttarakhand Board of School Education, High School/ Class 10th/Class X Old/Model Question Papers.

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Download Class 10th Model Question Paper 2020

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UBSE Class 10th Model Questions

1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :
The youth is the most Precious resource on earth. As a teacher, my advice to children is that they should try and excel in their education. Whenever they get time, Saturday, Sunday or other holidays, they should go to the nearest village with their teachers and educate at least five people. They must learn to nurture nature and help in creating a knowledgeable society.

In life there are going to be many problems. The challenge is to defeat all problems and succeed. We all face failures. But we should remember that the difficulties make us grow, so when your hopes, dreams and goals are dashed ,search among the wreckage. You may find a golden opportunity hidden in the ruins. I’d like to narrate an incident. I was given the leadership of the SLV-3Project in 1973 and Prof. Satish Dhawan, my Senior told me, “I’ve given you a project a team and the money required. Now, you have to do the job. Defeat the problems.

After appointing you the project director, even the chairman of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) works for you.” The entire space Community was geared up for this task. In 1979, it took off in the early hours and the first stage worked beautifully. Then, it couldn’t achieve its objectives as the control system malfunctioned. There was a press conference at Sriharikota,where Prof. Dhawan took responsibility for not achieving the goals of the mission.

Remember, I was the mission director. I worked hard on figuring out what went wrong. After a year on July 18, 1980, we had a successful launch.

(a) What does the writer advise the children to do on holidays?
(b) How should we face Problems?
(c) How do the difficulties make us grow?
(d) Why did Prof. Dhawan take responsibility for failure of SLV-3?

2.Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :
The Commonest form of forgetfulness, I suppose, occurs in the matter of Posting letters. So Common is it that I am always reluctant to trust a deporting visit or to post an important letter. So little do I rely on his memory that I put him on his oath before handing the letter to him. As for myself, anyone who asks me to post a letter is a poor Judge of character.

Even if I carry the letter in my hand I am always past the first Pillar-box before I remember that I ought to have posted it. Weary of holding it in my hand, I then put it for safety into one of my pockets and forget all about it. After that, it has an unadventurous life till along chain of circumstances leads to a number of embarrassing Questions being asked, and I am compelled to produce the evidence of my guilt from my pocket.

This, it might be thought, must be due to a lack of interest in other people’s letters; but that can not be the explanation, for I forget to post some even of the few letters that I myself remember to write. As for leaving articles in trains and in taxis, I am no great delinquent in such matters. I can remember almost anything except books and walking-sticks and I can often remember even books.

Walking sticks I find it Quite impossible to keep. I have an old fashioned taste for them, and I buy them frequently but no sooner do I pay a visit to a friend’s house or go a journey in a train, than another stick is on its way into the world of the lost. I dare not carry an Umbrella for fear of losing it. To go through life without ever having lost an umbrella has even the grimmest-lawed Umbrella carrier ever achieved this?

(a) What happens when one goes for posting letters?
(b) What happens when the author goes for posting letters?
(c) When does the writer produce the evidence of his guilt?
(d) Why does the author buy walking – sticks so frequently?

(e) Choose the correct option and write in your answer book:
(i) Find the word from passage which means to happen
(A) trust
(B) evidence
(C) occur

(ii) Find the word from passage which is opposite in meaning of’uncommon’
(A) Oath
(B) Common
(C) Weary

(f) Select the correct option and write in your answer book
(i) In given passage, the word ‘reluctant’ means-
(A) rely
(B) deporting
(C) unwilling

(ii) The opposite of the word ‘adventurous’ given in the passage is
(A) unadventurous
(B) impossible
(C) embarrassing

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