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Exam Motion Open Scholarship Test [MOST] 2021
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Class Classes 5th to 12th
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Motion Open Scholarship Test [MOST] 2021

MOST (Motion Open Scholarship Test) is a scholarship test that provides a scholarship for Motion Classroom Program. The best opportunity for students who have not received a scholarship through any other criteria or want to improve an earlier achieved scholarship.

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Download MOST 2021 Sample Question Papers

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MOST 2021 Class VI Sample Questions

1. The unit of energy is:
(A) Newton
(B) Joule
(C) Pascal
(D) Metre

2. Name the fixed point around which the rod of a lever moves.
(A) Load
(B) Effort
(C) Fulcrum
(D) Friction

3. Which planet has no moon?
(A) Mars
(B) Jupiter
(C) Mercury
(D) Earth

4. Recognizable patterns formed by group of stars.
(A) Satellite 
B) Constellation
(C) Planet
(D) Meteorite

5. Which among the following is not a simple machine?
(A) Pulley
(B) Lever
(C) Axe
(D) None of these

6. Which among the following statements is correct?
(A) Energy can be transformed from one form to another
(B) Energy cannot be created
(C) Energy cannot be destroyed
(D) All the above

7. Name the simple machine which is used to hold things together:
(A) Wheel and axle
(B) Pulley
(C) Screw
(D) Inclined plane

8. Core is mostly consists of:
(A) Plastic
(B) Cotton
(C) Iron
(D) Gold

9. Which planet is also known as “red planet”?
(A) Mars
(B) Venus
(C) Jupiter
(D) Mercury

10. The Milky Way galaxy has a/an:
(A) Ellipitical shape
(B) Spiral shape
(C) Irregular shape
(D) None of these

11. The constituent o f air that supports combustion is
(A) oxygen
(B) nitrogen
(C) carbon dioxide
(D) (A) and (B) both

12. Air is a/an –
(A) element
(B) compound
(C) mixture
(D) None of these

13. Opposite of freezing is ________.
(A) Sublimation
(B) Vaporization
(C) Condensation
(D) Melting

14. What are the properties of matter?
(A) No mass but occupies space
(B) Mass but occupies no space
(C) Mass and occupies space
(D) No mass and occupies no space

15. Crystallizaiton, evaporation and distillation use as a mean of.
(A) Separating soluble substances in solution
(B) Separating insoluble substances in solutions
(C) Separating filtrate from solution
(D) None of these

16. The process in which impure muddy water is allowed to stand undisturbed in a container, is called _______.
(A) Filtration
(B) Sedimentation
(C) Decantation
(D) Evaporation

17. Which of the following is an example of Igneous rock?
(A) Quartz
(B) Basalt
(C) Gneiss
(D) Sandstons

18. Soil profile consist of following layers :
(A) Topsoil, humus, bedrock
(B) Topsoil, subsoil, bedrock
(C) Humus, subsoil, rocks
(D) None of these

19. What is fossil fuels considered as type of?
(A) Renewable Energy Fuels
(B) Non-renewable Energy Fuels
(C) Biomass Fuels
(D) Manmade resource

20. Refining of petroleum is done by
(A) evaporation
(B) distillation
(C) fractional distillation
(D) None of these

21. With regards to natural eating habits, a human is –
(A) An herbivore
(B) A carnivore
(C) An omnivore
(D) A Granivore

22. Air tube of a human is called –
(A) Larynx
(B) Trachea
(C) Pharynx
(D) Gills

23. ‘X’ is a part of respiratory system from where air enters the body.

24. Which of the following are producers?
(A) Herbivores
B) Carnivores
(C) Green plants
(D) Bacteria and fungi

25. Which term means ‘Adjustment to environment’?
(A) Adaptation
(B) Mimicry
(C) Hibernation
(D) Aestivation

26. Which of the following options contains foods obtained from roots of the plant?
(A) Spinach, Cabbage, Coriander
(B) Potato, Mango, Broccoli
(C) Sugarcane, Onion, Beetroot
(D) Radish, Turnip, Carrot

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