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Target PMT Scholarship Test Sample Paper

Download Target PMT Scholarship Test Sample Paper of Dual / Integrated Program for One Year (DIPOY / IPOY) and Two Year (DIPTY / IPTY)

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Download Target PMT Scholarship Test Sample Paper

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Target PMT Scholarship Test Sample Questions

1. Chickenpox is caused due to
(1) Varicella virus
(2) Variola virus
(3) Rubella virus
(4) Measles virus

2. A specialized prokaryotic cell with polar nodules
(1) Akinete
(2) Heterocyst
(3) Hormocyst
(4) Hormogonia

3. Rhizoids of Riccia are
(1) Unicellular, smooth
(2) Multicellular, smooth
(3) Unicellular, smooth or tuberculate
(4) Multicellular, smooth or tuberculate

4. The acceleration of ability to flower by low temperature treatment is called
(1) Chilling
(2) Freezing
(3) Vernalization
(4) Photoperiodism

5. When the root is swollen at the base due to storage of food and gradually tapers towards the tip, it is called as
(1) Fusiform
(2) Napiform
(3) Conical
(4) Tuberous

6. What is the eye of potato?
(1) Apical bud
(2) Extra axillary bud
(3) Axillary bud
(4) Adventitious bud

7. Which of the following is the true stomach in cattles?
(1) Rumen
(2) Reticulum
(3) Omasum
(4) Abomasum

8. In C-4 plants, the bundle sheath cells:
(1) Have thin wall to facilitates gaseous exchange
(2) Have large intercellular spaces
(3) Are rich in PEP-carboxylase
(4) Have high density of chloroplasts

9. Which is physiologically inactive?
(1) Sap wood
(2) Heart wood
(3) Bark
(4) All of these

10. The character that makes Fabaceae distinct from Liliaceae is
(1) Superior ovary
(2) Marginal placentation
(3) Epiphyllous condition
(4) Epipetalous condition

11. Gray spots of oat are caused by deficiency of
(1) Cu
(2) Zu
(3) Mn
(4) Fe

12. Number of carbon atom in pyruvic acid is
(1) Two
(2) Six
(3) Three
(4) Five

13. Plants bend towards the light because
(1) They need light for photosynthesis
(2) They need light for respiration
(3) Light attracts them
(4) Cells on the shaded side elongated more

14. The instrument “Clinostat” is used to
(1) Demonstrate growth
(2) Record growth
(3) Record movements
(4) Neutralize gravity

15. The dry raisins swell up in water. This is due to:
(1) Endosmosis
(2) Exosmosis
(3) Diffusion
(4) Imbibition

16. Atrophy of the zona glomerulosa of adrenal cortex results in
(1) Addison’s disease
(2) Cushing’s syndrome
(3) Gynaecomastia
(4) Adrenal virilism

17. Which of the following activates the inactive Trypsinogen enzyme ?
(1) CCK
(2) Secretin
(3) Chymotrypsin
(4) Enterokinase

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