Department Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education [TSBIE]
Class Inter I [Class 11th]
Subject & Medium Political Science [Civics] [English Medium]
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Year 2021-22
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TSBIE Inter I Political Science Model Question Paper

Download Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education [TSBIE] Inter I [Class 11th] Political Science [Civics] Model Question Paper 2021-22 Online PDF Free

Download All TSBIE Inter I Model Question Paper Here

Download TSBIE Inter I Political Science Model Question Paper

Telangana Inter I Political Science [Civics] Model Question Paper Download Here

TSBIE Inter I Political Science Model Questions

Section A:
1. Define Political Science and explain its scope.
2. Define State and discuss its Essential features.
3. Write an essay on basic Ideas of Gandhism ?
4. What is Sovereignty and explain its Characteristic features.
5. Identify the safeguards of Rights.
6. Discuss the essential conditions for the success of Democracy.
7. Discuss about judiciary and explain its functions.

8. Write a brief note on Evolution of Political Science.
9. Explain the difference between State and Government.
10. Explain any four kinds of Sovereignty.
11. Discuss judicial review.
12. What are the differences between State and Society?
13. Write about any three sources of Law?
14. Define liberty and describe any three types of Liberty.
15. What are the characteristics of Liberty?
16. Explain any three kinds of equality?
17. Describe any three types of Justice.
18. What are the features of Rights?
19. Explain Political Rights.
20. What is direct democracy and mention its devices?
21. What is Democracy and mention its de-merits?
22. What is Indian Secularism?
23. Explain the merits and demerits of an Unwritten Constitution?
24. Distinguish between Written and Unwritten Constitution.
25. What are the reasons for the decline of the significance of legislature?

26. Post-Behaviouralism
27. Behaviouralism
28. What is State?
29. What is Society ?
30. What is Government ?
31. Explain the origin of the word ‘Law’.
32. Write about Political Liberty.
33. Define Justice.
34. Marxism
35. Non – Violence
36. Non-cooperation
37. Define Rights.
38. Classify Rights.
39. Moral Duties.
40. Define Democracy?
41. What is indirect Democracy?
42. What is recall?
43. What is Theocratic state?
44. Define Secular State.
45. What is preamble?
46. What is Rigid Constitution?
47. What is a written Constitution?
48. What is meant by the theory of separation of powers?
49. How many organs of government are there? What are they?
50. What is Uni-cameralisam ?

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