Department Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education [TSBIE]
Class Inter I [Class 11th]
Subject & Medium Physics [English Medium]
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Year 2021-22
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TSBIE Inter I Physics Model Question Paper

Download Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education [TSBIE] Inter I [Class 11th] Physics Model Question Paper 2021-22 Online PDF Free

Download All TSBIE Inter I Model Question Paper Here

Download TSBIE Inter I Physics Model Question Paper

Telangana Inter I Physics Model Question Paper Download Here

TSBIE Inter I Physics Model Questions

Section – A :
1. When does a real gas behave like an ideal gas?
2. The absolute temperature of a gas is incresed 3 times. What will be the increase in rms velocity of the gas molecule?
3. Two thermally insulated vessels 1 and 2 of volumes V1 and V2 are joined with a valve and filled with air at temperatures (T1, T2) and presures (P1, P2 ) reaspectively. If the valve joining the two vessels is opened, what will be the temperture inside the vessels at equilibrium.
4. When water flows through a pipe, which of the layers moves fastest and slowest ?
5. Is it necessary that a mass should be present at the centre of mass of any system?
6. We cannot open or close the door by applying force at the hinges. Why?
7. Why should a helicopter necessarily have two propellers?
8. If a bomb at rest explodes into two pieces, the pieces must travel in opposite directions. Explain.
9. A horse has to pull harder during the start of the motion than later. Explain.
10. Distinguish between accuracy and precision.
11. Distinguish between fundamental units and derived units.
12. Express unified atomic mass unit in kg.
13. What are the fundamental forces in nature?

Section – B :
14. A particle moves in a straight line with uniform acceleration. Its velocity at time t=0 is v1 and at time t=t is v2. The average velocity of the particle in this time interval is (v1+v2)/2. Is this correct? Substantiate your answer.
15. A man runs across the roof of a tall building and jumps horizontally on to the (lower)roof of an adjacent building. If his speed is 9 m s1 and the horizontal distance between the buildings is 10 m and the height difference between the roofs is 9 m, will he be able to land on the next building? (take g=10 m s-2)
16. Show that the trajectory of an object thrown at certain angle with the horizontal is a parabola
17. Explain the terms limiting friction, dynamic friction and rolling friction.
18. Mention the methods used to decrease friction.
19. Define vector product. Explain the properties of a vector product with two examples.
20. What is escape velocity? Obtain an expression for it.
21. What is Geo-Stationary satellite? Mention its uses.
22. Describe the behaviour of a wire under gradually increasing load.
23. The roof of buildings are often painted white during summer. Why?
24. Obtain an expression for the work done by an ideal gas during isothermal change.
25. State and explain first law of thermodynamics.

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