Department Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education [TSBIE]
Class Inter I [Class 11th]
Subject & Medium Geography [English Medium]
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Year 2021-22
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TSBIE Inter I Geography Model Question Paper

Download Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education [TSBIE] Inter I [Class 11th] Geography Model Question Paper 2021-22 Online PDF Free

Download All TSBIE Inter I Model Question Paper Here

Download TSBIE Inter I Geography Model Question Paper

Telangana Inter I Geography Model Question Paper Download Here

TSBIE Inter I Geography Model Questions

1. Discuss the techniques of geographical studies
2. Criticallly examine about continental drift theory?
3. How does the physical weathering differs from chemical weathering explain with examples.
4. Define weather and discuss in detail about its elements.
5. Define hydrology and explain various elements of hydrological cycle in detail
6. What is ecological balance and how it helps in maintaining balance of nature
7. When can developmental activities become the cause of disasters?

Section-B :
8. Geography derives its database from?
9. How do most individuals define geography?
10. Write a short note on the Mantle.
11. What is rock? Distinguish between igneous and sedimentary rocks?
12. Discuss the importance of exfoliation with examples.
13. Do you think that Seif dunes differ from Barchans – explain?
14. Explain relative humidity.
15. “Tropical rainforest biome contains the greatest biodiversity in the world” Discuss.
16. “Taiga is the largest biome in the world” Discuss
17. Explain components of biosphere.
18. Abiotic components of ecosystem.
19. Differentiate between peninsular and non peninsular floods.

20. Define Human geography.
21. What is Areal differentiation?
22. Define the term parallel movement of Earth.
23. Write a short note on Metamorphic rocks.
24. Define the term plate tectonics.
25. What is the importance of Oxidation?
26. Write a short note on Landslide.
27. How does the carbonation helps in weathering?
28. What do you mean by Denudation.
29. What is Atmospheric pressure?
30. What is Wind wanes?
31. What is Evaporation?
32. Define Relative humidity.
33. Salinometer
34. What is Neap tide?
35. What is Biotic component?
36. What is Ecological balance?
37. What is Decompsoers?
38. Eye of the storm
39. What is Hurricanes?

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