Announcement Police Verification Report [PVR] Certificate [PCC]
Department Tamil Nadu Police
Eligibility Persons residing in Tamil Nadu
Application Mode Online
Application Fee Rs. 500/-
Official Website

TN Police Verification Report

Now people residing in Tamil Nadu can apply for Police Verification Report online through Tamil Nadu Police website.

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Available Services

Police Verification Services can be availed for the following:
1. Self – Verification
2. Job Verification
3. Tenant Verification
4. Domestic Help Verification.

Who Can Apply?

Persons residing in Tamil Nadu & Persons who have consented for verification.

How To Apply?

1. Visit TN Police PVR page 
2. Click New Request
3. Fill Form
4. Submit Form

Documents Required

S.No. Service Type
Documents to be uploaded
For Applicant For person to be verified
1. Self -Verification
  1. Passport size Photo
  2. Address Proof (any govt. issued document showing address)
2. Tenant & Domestic Help Verification
  1. Govt. issued Photo ID
  1. Passport Size Photo
  2. Address Proof (any govt. issued document showing address)
  3. Consent Letter from the person to be verified.
3. Job Verification
  1. Govt. issued Photo ID
  2. Company issued ID
  1. Passport size Photo
  2. Address Proof (any govt. issued document showing address)
  3. Consent letter from the person to be verified
  4. Forwarding letter of the Organization.

Application Fee

For Individuals – Rs. 500/- per application
For Private Institutions/Companies – Rs. 1000/- per application.

Payment Mode

The fee can be paid online using standard modes of payment viz. Credit Card/ Debit Card/ Net Banking.

Application Process

1. On receipt of the application, it will be forwarded to the concerned jurisdictional Police Station.
2. Then, the Police Station staff will visit the residence of the person. After ascertaining that the person has consented for verification, the correctness of the identity & present address will be verified.
3. Finally, after verifying the involvement of the person in criminal cases as per records available with TN Police, the application will be forwarded to the approving authority by the SHO.
4. Once approved, the Police Verification Report (PVR) will be instantly available on the Tamil Nadu Police website for download.
5. A copy of the PVR will also be sent to the registered e-mail ID of the applicant.
6. Thus, the citizen is not required to visit the police station to get the Police Verification Report.

Verification Process

During the verification process, the Police will verify the following:
1. Identity of the person,
2. Present address &
3. Involvement in criminal cases (as per the records available with the Tamil Nadu Police Department).

Reasons For Rejection

The application will be rejected for the following reasons:
1. The given Photo is not matching with the person to be verified,
2. The address furnished is incorrect/ untraceable,
3. The mobile number of the person to be verified is not reachable,
4. The person to be verified is not available at the given address after reasonable attempts by the station staff,
5. The consent letter of the person to be verified is not uploaded or the person denies having given consent for verification.
6. Any other reason deemed fit by the approving authority.

Application Status

The applicant can track the status of his/her application online through the “View Status” option available under Police Verification Services.


The PVR will be issued within a period of 15 days.


There is no validity period for a PVR. It depends upon the person/authority accepting the PVR.


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