Service RCH ID Self-Registration
Department Tamil Nadu Directorate of Public Health and Preventive Medicine [PICME]
Eligibility Pregnant Women
Service Mode Online
State Tamil Nadu
Official Website

Tamil Nadu PICME RCH ID Self-Registration

RCH stands for Reproductive and Child Health. All Married/Pregnant Women in the age group of 15 to 49 will be issued an unique identification number (RCH ID), which can be used for any number of pregnancies. Government of Tamilnadu has mandated to register all pregnancies, which will be registered by Village Health Nurse or Urban Health Nurse. To make it more convenient for the pregnant mothers, Government has introduced the concept of Pre-Registration of pregnancies. This allows her to intimate her pregnancy through various ways.

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How To Register For RCH ID Online in Tamil Nadu?

Pre-registration can be done in 4 ways.
1. Online self-registration can be done by the mother herself by clicking on the below link and entering the required details. On completion of above process, an acknowledgement with Pre-registration ID gets generated.
2. Through e-Seva Centres: The pregnant mother can approach the nearest e-Seva centre and pre-register her pregnancy free of cost.
3. Through Call Centre (102): The pregnant mother can call toll free number “102” and pre-register.
4. Through Government Hospitals: The pregnant mother can approach the nearest Government Hospital and pre-register.

Register Here 

On completion of pre-registration, a SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number. The Pre-registration details will be forwarded to the concerned Village Health Nurse / Urban Health Nurse and in turn they will contact the mother and register them. On completion of registration the mother will be given with RCH ID.

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PICME RCH ID Self-Registration FAQs

Who will give RCH ID?
Only the Village Health Nurse / Urban Health Nurse can give RCH ID.

How many days will it take to issue RCH ID?
It depends on the area and availability of Village Health Nurse / Urban Health Nurse. Normally it will be issued within 1 month.

Can I go for delivery without getting RCH ID?
Now Government of Tamilnadu has made it compulsory to register all pregnancies and to give RCH ID for registration of births. Even if the mother does not have RCH ID at the time of delivery, she must register immediately at least after delivery and submit the RCH ID to the hospital concerned. So without RCH ID, one cannot get birth certificate.

I have already received RCH ID. Should I do Pre-Registration for the next pregnancy?
Yes. If the mother become pregnant again and not able to meet the Village Health Nurse / Urban Health Nurse immediately, she can pre-register her pregnancy using the existing RCH ID.

For getting RCH ID, whether Pregnant Mother should meet personally VHN/UHN in the Health Sub Centre /Primary Health Centre?
Yes. The pregnant mothers should meet Village Health Nurse / Urban Health Nurse atleast once before getting RCH ID

Is RCH ID given to only Pregnant Mothers?
No. RCH ID can be given to any married woman even if she is not pregnant.

How to choose Administrative Unit while doing pre-registration?
Administrative Unit is nothing but name of the Block in which the pregnant mother resides

If Village/Street is not listed, then how to proceed Pre-Registration?
If the name of the village is not listed, then please select the nearby village/street

If OTP has not received, how to proceed Pre-Registration?
If OTP is not received during pre-registration, it may be due to mobile network/server issue. Please try again after some time.

Will I get any Acknowledgement once Pre-Registration is Completed?
Yes. SMS will be sent to the registered mobile with pre-registration ID. Mother can take a copy of acknowledgement from by giving the preregistration ID/mobile number.

How to check the Pre-Registration Application Status?
Mother can check whether her pregnancy was registered by Village Health Nurse / Urban Health Nurse by using the link and once it was registered, can view the RCH ID of the mother.

During Pre-Registration I have typed my name wrongly. How do I change it?
After Pre-registration, the Village Health Nurse / Urban Health Nurse will approach the pregnant mother for registration. At that time Village Health Nurse / urban Health Nurse should be informed about the mistake and should be registered with correct name.

PICME Helpdesk

Ring : 044-29510307 / +91 9489048910
Write : picmehelpdesk.dophpm [AT]

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