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Department Tamil Nadu Directorate of Public Health and Preventive Medicine [PICME]
Eligibility Pregnant Mother
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State Tamil Nadu
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Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy Maternity Benefit Scheme

Dr.Muthulakshmi Reddy Maternity Benefit Scheme (MRMBS) is implemented with a noble objective of providing assistance to poor pregnant women/mothers to meet expenses on nutritious diet, to compensate for the loss of income during motherhood and to avoid low birth weight of newborn babies. The assistance which was given at Rs.6,000 per beneficiary has been increased to Rs.12,000 per beneficiary with effect from 01.06.2011.

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The cash assistance is given in three installments on conditional basis and restricted to two deliveries. The amount is being credited directly to the Beneficiaris bank account through ECS. First installment is given before delivery for those availing all required antenatal care services during pregnancy in Government Institutions, second installment for those delivering in Government Institutions and third installment after proper immunization of the child. Sri Lankan refugees are also eligible for assistance under this scheme. This has since been enhanced to Rs.18,000 per beneficiary.

Benefits of Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy Maternity Benefit Scheme

This scheme aims to provide optimal nutrition for pregnant and lactating women and compensates the wage loss during pregnancy.

Installment/Kind benefit Conditionality Amount
I Installment Antenatal registration on or before 12 weeks Rs.2,000/-
Kind benefit Completion of third month (Kind benefit) Rs.2,000/-
II Installment After 4 months Rs.2,000/-
Kind benefit Second Nutrition Kit (Kind benefit) Rs.2,000/-
III Installment After delivery Rs.4,000/-
IV Installment After completion of all 3rd doses of OPV/Rota/Penta valent and 2 doses of IPV. Rs.4,000/-
V Installment After completion of Measles Rubella vaccination between 9th and 12th month of their infants. Rs. 2,000/-
Total Rs.18,000/-

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Nutrition kit Rs. 2000 worth contains
Products Units
Health Mix Powder for Pregnant Mothers 1 kg
IFA Syrup 3 Nos
Dates 1 Kg
Protein biscuits 500 gms
Aavin Ghee 500gms
T.Albendazole 3 Nos
Towel 1 Nos

Who Can Apply For For MRMBS Scheme?

• The pregnant mother should have completed 19 yrs of age
• The eligible mother will receive all 5 Installments for Two deliveries only
• HOB and Migrant mothers will receive 1st and 5th installments on certain conditions

How To Apply For MRMBS Scheme Online?

The Pregnant mother should register her pregnancy before 12 weeks with the VHN / UHN or she should have pre – registered her pregnancy before 12 weeks.

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Documents Required To Apply For MRMBS Scheme

1. AN Registration by UHN at field level
2. Each AN Mother is given PICME Number
3. AN Mother Should have a savings account in a Nationalized bank in her name.
4. Aadhar Number with Bank Pass Book


MRMBS Contact:

PICME Helpdesk:
Ring: 044-29510307 / +91 9489048910
Write: picmehelpdesk.dophpm [AT]

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