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Sathyabama Entrance Exam [SAEEE] 2021

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Download SAEEE 2021 Sample Question Paper

Exam Sample Question Paper
SAEEE 2021


SAEEE 2021 Physics Sample Questions

1. An object is immersed in a fluid. In order that the object becomes invisible, it should
(A) behave as perfect reflector
(B) have refractive index one
(C) absorb all light falling on it
(D) have refractive index matching with that of the surrounding liquid

2. If the rms velocity of the hydrogen molecules at NTP is 1.84 km/s, calculate the rms velocity of the oxygen molecules at NTP. Molecular weight of hydrogen and oxygen are 2 and 32 respectively.
(A) 1.47 km/s
(B) 0.94 km/s
(C) 1.84 km/s
(D)0.47 km/s

3. Using an AC voltmeter, the potential difference in the electrical line in a house is read to be 234V. If the line frequency is 50Hz, the equation of the line voltage is
(A) 220 Sin 100
(B) 165 Sin 100
(C) 440 Sin 100
(D) 331 Sin 100

4. The fact that light of transverse wave derive its evidence by the support from the observation that
(A) light wave undergo reflection
(B) light can be diffracted
(C) light travels in waves
(D) light shows polarizing effects

5. Refractive index of material is equal to tangent of polarizing angle. It is called
(A) Brewster’s law
(B) Lambert’s law
(C) Malu’s law
(D) Bragg’s law

SAEEE 2021 Chemistry Sample Questions

1. In the standardization of Na2S2O3 using K2Cr2O7 by iodometry, the equivalent weight of K2Cr2O7 is
(A) Molecular weight / 2
(B) Molecular weight / 6
(C) Molecular weight / 3
(D) Same as molecular weight

2. What product are expected from the disproportionation reaction of hypochlorous acid ?
(A) HClO3 and Cl2O
(B) HClO2 and HClO4
(C) HCl and Cl2O
(D) HCl and HClO3

3. Native silver metal forms a water soluble complex with a dilute aqueous solution of NaCN in presence of
(A) Nitrogen
(B) Oxygen
(C) Carbon dioxide
(D) Argon

4. The number and types of bonds between two carbon atoms in calcium carbide are
(A) One sigma, one pi
(B) One sigma, two pi
(C) Two sigma, one pi
(D) Two sigma, two pi

5. Identify the incorrect statement among the following
(A) Ozone reacts with SO2 to give SO3
(B) Silicon reacts with NaOH(aq) in the presence of air to give Na2SiO3 and H2O
(C) Cl2 reacts with excess of NH3 to give N2 and NH4Cl
(D) Br2 reacts with hot and strong NaOH solution to give NaBr, NaBrO4 and H2O

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