Exam Kerala Engineering Architecture and Medical [KEAM]
Department Commissioner For Entrance Examinations [CEE]
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CEE Kerala KEAM Previous Question Papers

The Commissioner for Entrance Examinations (CEE) is conducting various Entrance Examinations and/or Allotment Process for admission to Professional Courses every year: Kerala Engineering Architecture and Medical (KEAM) courses, Three year LLB , Five year LLB, LLM, BPharm (Lateral Entry), PG Ayurveda, PG Homoeo, PG Nursing, PG Medical, PG Dental, PG Pharmacy. The allotments are made through a Single Window System of the Centralized Allotment Process (CAP)

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Download CEE Kerala KEAM Previous Question Papers

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CEE Kerala KEAM 2020 Questions

1. A particle is moved in a semi-circular path of radius R. Then
(A) its average velocity is zero
(B) its average acceleration is zero
(C) its magnitude of displacement is 2R
(D) its average velocity and average speed are equal
(E) its distance travelled is equal to displacement

2. Pick out the correct statement
(A) Second law of motion is a vector equation
(B) Second law of motion is applicable to a particle and not to the system of particles
(C) Force is always in the direction of motion
(D) If external force on a body is zero, it does not mean the acceleration is zero
(E) Acceleration at an instant depends on the history of the motion of the particle

3. The Work – Energv theorem
(A) does not hold in all inertial frames
(B) is independent of Newton’s second law
(C) may be viewed as a scalar form of Newton’s second law
(D) cannot be extended to non-inertial frames
(E) is independent of Newton’s third law

4. If a monoatomic gas is compressed adiabatically to (1127)th of its initial volume, then its pressure becomes
(A) 27 times
(B) 125 times
(C) 243 times
(D) 81 times
(E) 64times

5. Three moles of an ideal gas are in a rigid cubical box with sides of length 0.170 m. The ratio of the forces that the gas exerts on each of the six sides of the box when the gas temperature are 27″C and 127.C is
(A) 6 : l
(B) 1 : 2
(C) 3 : 1
(D) 3 : 4
(E) 1 : 3

6. A steady current flows in a metallic conductor of non-uniform cross section. The quantity/quantities that remains/remain constant along the length of the conductor is/are

(A) culrent, electric field and drift speed
(B) drift speed only
(C) cuffent and drift speed onlY
(D) culrent and electric field onlY
(E) cuffent only

7. Internal resistance of a cell is independent of
(A) the circuit elements connected to it
(B) surface area of the electrode
(C) distance between the electrode
(D) concentration of the electrolytes
(E) temperature of the electrolytes

8. Which one of the following characteristics is not associated with a paramagnetic material?
(A) It is weakly rnagnetised in the direction of the magnetising field, in which it is placed
(B) Its magnetic permeability is greater than one
(C) Its magnetic susceptibility is positive
(D) Its magnetic susceptibility increases with rise in temperature
(E) lts individual atom/rnolecule/ion has a net non-zero magnetic rnornent of its own

9. Choose the wrong statement
(A) The magnetic declination is greater at higher latitudes and smaller near the equator
(B) In rnost of the northern hemisphere, the south pole of the dip needle tilts downwards
(C) Circulating electron in an atom has a magnetic moment
(D)The rnagnetic declination at Delhi is 0o41’E and at Mumbai is 0o58′ W
(E) At the poles, the magnetic field lines are converging or diverging vertically so that the horizontal component is negligible

10. Among the following, which is not true for ultraviolet light?
(A) induces the production of more melanin, causing tanning of the skin
(B) can be focused into very nalrow beams
(C) kills germs in water purifiers
(D) used in eye surgery
(E) treatment for certain forms of cancer

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