University Karnataka Department of Pre University Education
Course & Year I PUC
Subject Home Science
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Year 2021-22
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PUE PUC I Home Science Syllabus 2021-22

Download Karnataka Department of Pre University Education (PUE) First Year PUC Home Science Syllabus For Year 2021-22.

Download PUE Karnataka I PUC Syllabus 2021-22 Here

Download PUC I Home Science Syllabus 2021-22

Course & Subject Model Question Paper
I PUC Home Science Download

Period : I Term 16-08-2021 to 15-09-2021

Scheduled Chapters :
• Unit 1 Concept and scope of Home Science
• Unit 2 Resources
• Unit 3 Fundamentals of Management
• Unit 4 Management of Time Energy and Money
• Unit 5 Concept of Food and Nutrition

Scheduled Practical Classes:
1. Observe and list the human, nohuman/shared resources available at home and in your neighborhood
2. Visit a bank and collect information on opening an account
a. Collect information of various accounts – savings account, fixed deposit, recurring deposit, current account.

Periods (Theory + Practicals):
• Unit 1 02 + 02 Hours
• Unit 2 04 + 04 Hours
• Unit 3 08 Hours
• Unit 4 12 Hours
• Unit 5 04 Hours

Period : II Term 16-09-2021 to 30-11-2021

Scheduled Chapters :
• Unit 6 Basics of Nutrition
• Unit 7 Principles and methods of preparation of Food
• Unit 8 Human growth and development
• Unit 9 Biological beginning of Life
• Unit 10 Infancy

Scheduled Practical Classes:
3. Plan a family budget for the following income groups – low, middle, high

4. Identification:
a. Of equipment in nutrition laboratory
b. Of Food groups
c. Weights and measures

5. Planning and preparation of nutrient rich recipes :
a. Energy, protein
b. Calcium, iron

6. Observe an infant for developmental milestones of :
a. Physical development
b. Motor development

Periods (Theory + Practicals):
• Unit 6 10+02 Hours
• Unit 7 10+04 Hours
• Unit 8 06+04 Hours
• Unit 9 10+04 Hours
• Unit 10 08 Hours

Period : III Term 01-12-2021 to 30-01-2022

Scheduled Chapters :
• Unit 11 Introduction to Textile Fibers
• Unit 12 Fabric Construction
• Unit 13 Care of Clothing

Scheduled Practical Classes:
7. Prepare an activity/module/teaching aid to promote physical/motor development of an infant.

8. Identification of fibers :
a. Physical appearance
b. Microscopic tests
c. Burning tests

9. Basic stitches
a. Tacking, running, back stitch, hemming, slip stitch, overcasting, whipping

Periods (Theory + Practicals):
• Unit 11 12 + 04 Hours
• Unit 12 08 + 04 Hours
• Unit 13 04 + 06 Hours

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