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FIITJEE MSTSE Syllabus 2021

Download FIITJEE Maharashtra Science Talent Search Exam [MSTSE] 2021 Syllabus

Download FIITJEE Talent Reward Exam [FTRE] 2021 Syllabus Here

Download FIITJEE MSTSE Syllabus 2021

FIITJEE MSTSE 2021 Syllabi Download

FIITJEE MSTSE 2021 Class 8 Syllabi

1. Force & Pressure
2. Friction

1. Metals & Non-metals
2. Coal & Petroleum

1. Cell
2. Micro-organisms

1. Rational Numbers
2. Square & Square Roots
3. Cube & Cube Roots
4. Algebraic Identities
5. Algebraic Expressions
6. Linear equation in One Variable
7. Profit & Loss8. Simple Interest
9. Pythagoras Theorem
10. Properties & Construction of Triangles

FIITJEE MSTSE 2021 Class 9 Syllabi

1. Motion
2. Laws of Motion
3. Force

1. Polynomials
2. Lines & Angles, Triangles
3. Co-ordinate Geometry
4. Number System – Rational Indices
4. Gravitation

1. Matter in our surrounding
2. Is matter around us pure
3. Elements, Mixtures & Compounds
4. Mole Concept
5. Atomic Structure

1. Cell: The Fundamental Unit Of Life
2. Tissues

FIITJEE MSTSE 2021 Class 10 Syllabi

1. Electricity
2. Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
3. Motion
4. Force & its Classification
5. Laws of Motion
6. Work & Energy

1. Number System
2. Real Numbers
3. Surds
4. Indices
5. Polynomials
6. Quadratic Equation
7. Congruence of Triangles
8. Similarity
9. Quadrilaterals
10. Parallelogram
11. Circle Equations
12. Trigonometry
13. Linear Equation in OneVariable & Graphs
14. Linear Equation in Two Variable
15. Compound Interest
16. Mensuration
17. Surface, Areas &Volumes
18. Percentage, Profit & Loss

1. Nature of Matter
2. Acids, Bases & Salts
3. Chemical Reactions & Equations
4. Atomic Structure
5. Mass of an Atom

FIITJEE MSTSE 2021 Class 11 Syllabi

1. Vector
2. Kinematics
3. Laws of Motion
4. Work, Power & Energy

1. Trigonometric Identities
2. Basic Inequalities
3. Logarithms
4. Modulus Functions
5. Quadratic Equations
6. Quadratic Expressions

1. Atomic Structure
2. Periodic Properties
3. Chemical Bonding
4. Stoichiometry
5. Gaseous State
6. s-Block & Hydrogen
7. Progression & Series
8. Cartesian System
9. Straight Lines
10. Circle

FIITJEE has a legacy of 29 long years, so your true performance in MSTSE will be benchmarked w.r.t. the footprint of our past students and you get an opportunity to know what you are capable of. Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

1. Unconditional Doubt Removal Support :
Top 3 students from each segment (class VIII, IX, X & XI) will get online doubt removal support to help them in their preparation for JEE, even without enrolling in a FIITJEE Classroom / Integrated School Program.

2. Exploring your Potential :
This exam is the best diagnostic tool which will help the students to discover their latent talent & aptitude.

3. Plug Loopholes :
Students will get suggestions to plug loopholes, so that they can plan their study schedule and improve upon their shortcomings to perform to their optimum on the JEE day.

4. Early Starter’s Advantage :
Students appearing in MSTSE will have an opportunity to secure better scholarships. Moreover, early starters will also have the edge of enrolling in a FIITJEE program at a much lower Fee.

5. Early Joining Academic Benefits :
It is observed over the years that aspirants who join early have a higher probability to achieve their set goals. This is possibly due to their inquisitiveness to learn more than to spend time in judging their course. Early risers shine brighter. FIITJEE will also begin Academic inputs as soon as you get a valid enrolment ID. Early joining Academic Benefits will act as a catalyst to outsmart your peers. This early joining would give the Student the advantage of preparing for Board / School Final Exams with an undivided focus.

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