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Year 2021
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NSAT 2021 Question Papers

Download Narayana Scholastic Aptitude Test [NSAT] 2021 Question Papers Online PDF Here.

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Download NSAT  2021 Question Papers

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NSAT 2021 Class 9th Sample Questions

1. 15g of a salt dissolved in 60g of water to form a saturated solution at 600°C Calculate the solubility of the salt at this temperature.
(A) 100
(B) 75
(C) 50
(D) 25

2. Which of the following is not a true solution:
(A) copper sulphate in water
(B) ethanol in water
(C) NaCl in water
(D) none of these

3. Which of the following refers to the ability of one substance to dissolve in another at a given temperature and pressure?
(A) Distillation
(B) Suspension
(C) Solvent
(D) Solubility

4. The atomicity of K2Cr2O7 is
(A) 9
(B) 11
(C) 10
(D) 12

5. 1u or 1 amu means
(A) 1/12th mass of one C-12 atom
(B) Mass of C-12 atom
(C) Mass of O-16 atom
(D) Mass of hydrogen molecule

6. An element X is divalent and another element Y is tetravalent. The compound formed by these two elements will be:
(A) XY
(B) XY2
(C) X2Y
(D) XY4

1. Examples of congenital disease are
(A) Albinism
(B) Sickle cell anaemia
(C) Hemophilia
(D) All the above

2. The primary organ affected during tuberculosis is
(A) Bone, marrow
(B) spleen
(C) intestine
(D) lungs

3. A plastid capable of producing all other types is
(A) Chloroplast
(B) Leucoplast
(C) Amyloplast
(D) All of these

4. Which of the following subunits are found in eukaryotic 80 S ribosomes?
(A) 50 S and 40 S
(B) 40 S and 40 S
(C) 60 S and 40 S
(D) 50 S and 30 S

5. Stratified epithelium has maximum role in.
(A) absorption
(B) secretion
(C) excretion
(D) protection

6. The water conducting tissue generally present in gymnosperm is
(A) vessels
(B) sieve tube
(C) tracheids
(D) xylem fibres

7. Intercalated disc is present in
(A) striated muscle
(B) smooth muscle
(C) cardiac muscle
(D) both 2 and 3

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