Board Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board [KSEEB]
Exam SSLC Exam [Class 10th]
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Year June 2013
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Official Website https://sslc.karnataka.gov.in/english

KSEEB SSLC Exam Question Papers

Download  Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board [KSEEB] June 2013 SSLC Examination Question Papers

Download KSEEB SSLC 2012-2022 Question Papers Here

Download SSLC June 2013 Question Papers

KSEEB SSLC June 2013 Question Papers Download

SSLC English Question Paper

Four alternatives are given for each of the following questions / incomplete statements. Only one of them is correct or most appropriate. Choose the correct alternative and write the complete answer along with its alphabet in the space provided against each question.

1. The author C.E.M. Joad considers Ludwig Van Beethoven to be civilized because
(A) he was a German
(B) he wrote plays that people are proud of
(C) he was one of the greatest composers of music
(D) his paintings were beautiful.

2. Social anarchy is the result of
(A) social justice
(B) social liberty
(C) curtailment of private liberty
(D) uncurtailed private liberty.

3. Mihir was overcome by emotion
(A) when the swim began
(B) when he came to know that someone had bungled and they had gone towards Rameshwaram
(C) when he caught sight of the silvery strip of land on the sacred shores of Dhanushkodi
(D) when he read the President’s message.

4. Dr. Clicker is an expert in
(A) running the clippers over the neck
(B) snipping the hair around the ear
(C) shampooing
(D) removing of a full beard.

5. Baldwin wanted to let Gresham announce during his trial that the depositors would not lose a cent. This was because
(A) he was unaware of it
(B) it would be something in Gresham’s favour
(C) Gresham was his friend
(D) Gresham would offer him a partnership in business.

6. “The quest is endless” — Here ‘the quest’ refers to the
(A) search for enjoyment
(B) search for human relations
(C) search for power and glory
(D) search of the soul for spiritual knowledge.

7. According to the physician, the narrator was lame because
(A) he was handicapped by birth
(B) he was pretending to be lame
(C) he was depending on crutches
(D) he had not taken any treatment earlier.

8. The carriage in the poem ‘Because I could not stop for Death’ held
(A) the poetess
(B) Death
(C) Death and the poetess
(D) Death, the poetess and immortality.

9. ‘A slow persecution’ in the poem ‘Encroachment’ refers to
(A) the denuding of forests
(B) torturing the bird by removing the nest
(C) the killing of birds
(D) the bird’s encroaching upon man’s habitat.

10. Ravi never makes mistakes, ………………… ? The appropriate question tag to be filled is
(A) doesn’t he
(B) does he
(C) didn’t he
(D) will he.

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