Board Tamil Nadu State Board
Class 2nd Standard
Term 2
Medium Tamil
Subjects All Subjects [ Tamil, English, Maths, EVS]
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2nd Std Term 2 Ganga Guide

Download 2nd Std Term 2 Tamil Medium Ganga Guide For Free

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Download 2nd Std Term 2 Ganga Guide

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2nd Std Term 2 Ganga Guide English

Lesson 1.1 Fun With Music:
Learning outcomes :
From this lesson / The children are
i) Name the musical instruments
ii) Recite the poem “Five Little Bells”
iii)Understand that everyone has some talent
iv) Listening, speaking, reading, writing and tabulating skills are enriched.

Teaching Learning Materials :
• Pictures
• Models
• Charts
• QR code videos and materials to play the videos
• Classroom situation and Students’ Participation
• Black board, chalks in different colours
• Textbook

Teacher Contact Time:
• Use the Let us recall activity given on textbook page no. 47 to motivate the children.
• Also recall by asking questions or sing the rhymesrelated to the topic

Teaching Learning Activities:
Content Transaction:
• Teacher describes the content of the lesson by each and every sentence in the textbook and also use activities in the textbook ,Page no. 48 to 53 to explain the matter.
• Use the teaching learning materials in appropriate places to explain the content.
• Teacher reading the lesson once and let the students to read the lesson one by one in the page no. 48 to 53

Students Activity Time:
Peer Group Activities :
• Teacher divided the students into groups as per in classroom situation.
• Do the activity Look and say given on textbook page no. 48 & 49
• Students are asked to discuss about the theme and main points of the lesson in the groups.
• Students are asked to talk about topic related content which they know and learn.
• Also recite the topic in groups.
• Children are encouraged to present their idea of the content in groups.

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