Board Tamil Nadu State Board
Class 5th Standard
Term 3
Medium Tamil
Subjects All Subjects [ Tamil, English, Maths, Science, Social Science]
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5th Std Term 3 Ganga Guide

Download Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi 5th Std Term 3 Tamil Medium Ganga Guide For Free.

Download 5th Std Ganga Guide Term 1,2,3 [5 in 1] PDF Here

Download 5th Std Term 3 Ganga Guide

Standard 5th Term 3 Tamil Medium Ganga Guide Download Here

5th Std Term 3 Ganga Guide English

A. Choose the correct reflexive pronoun.
1. Each morning, I brush my teeth and stare ________ in the mirror.
a) himself
b) herself
c) myself
d) itself

Ans: c) myself

2. Dad and I painted the trailer ________.
a) myself
b) himself
c) itself
d) ourselves

Ans: d) ourselves

3. The children made holiday decorations by ________.
a) itself
b) ourselves
c) themselves
d) their selves

Ans: c) themselves

4. Paul copies his friend’s homework instead of doing it ________.
a) itself
b) himself
c) myself
d) yourself

Ans: b) himself

5. Please make ________ at home while you wait.
a) themselves
b) himself
c) yourselves
d) herself

Ans: c) yourselves

Complete the sentence with correct reflexive pronoun.
1. I like myself.
2. She put herself into the trouble.
3. Teachers teach themselves a new lesson every day.
4. The machine will destroy itself once its task is done.
5. You made it harder for yourself.

Fill in the blanks:
1. Tenzin is from Tibet.
2. Tenzin’s family first lived in Himachal Pradesh.
3. If we didn’t have boundaries, we don’t need Military.
4. Nimmi fights with everyone in school.
5. Miss Malliga teaches computers.

Answer the following questions.
1. Who helped Tenzin in learning English words?
Julie helped Tenzin in learning English words.

2. Name the places that Tenzin’s family lived in.
Tenzin’s family moved around Tibet, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Mysore, Gurupura and Kollegal

3. What are the difficulties they faced in India?
They were not able to understand the system in India. They did not know how to get a house. They found shopping for food the most difficult job.

4. Why did Tenzin cried every day?
Tenzin cried every day because he did not understand anything in the school.

5. Why it is important for people to live without boundaries?
Every year they need to go the government office to get their book signed. If they missed that, they would have to leave India.

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