Board Tamil Nadu State Board
Class 5th Standard
Term 3
Medium English
Subjects All Subjects [ Tamil, English, Maths, Science, Social Science]
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5th Std Term 3 Ganga Guide

Download Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi 5th Std Term 3 English Medium Ganga Guide For Free.

Download 5th Std Ganga Guide Term 1,2,3 [5 in 1] PDF Here

Download 5th Std Term 3 Ganga Guide

Standard 5th Term 3 English Medium Ganga Guide Download Here

5th Std Term 3 Ganga Guide English

Choose the correct answer:
1. Pablo was the dog of ________.
a) Fathima b) Sreejith c) Amudha

Ans: b) Sreejith

2. The message was to gather on ________
a) Tuesday b) Monday c) Sunday

Ans: a) Tuesday

3. ________ over heard her father’s talking on the phone.
a) Amudha b) Arul c) Jessy

Ans: c) Jessy

Answer the following questions.
1. What did the five friends call themselves?
The five friends called themselves ‘The Five Detectives’ or ‘5D’

2. Who disguised himself as old man?
Sreejit disguised himself as oldman.

3. Who is incharge of this case?
Inspector velayutham is incharge of this case.

4. What was the message on the chit?
The message in the chit was to tell number 3 at waxworks on Tuesday.

5. Who guessed the location of the real necklace?
Amudha guessed the place of the real necklace.

6. Will you solve a mystery with friends? Why?
Yes, I will solve a mystery with friends. It gives us adventurous feeling.

Additional Questions:
1. How were the last three vacations?
The last three vacations were very exciting for them as they were involved in solving three mysterious cases in their city.

2. What were they famous for?
They were famous in Ooty for their courage and skill.

3. What did they open to find a chit?
They opened the chocolate to find a small chit.

4. Why was Inspector angry?
The inspector was glad to have found the chit but was furious about their behavior. He warned them to stay away from the case.

Choose the best answer:
1. All the animals called the sparrow ________.
a) queen b) madam c) princess

Ans: b) madam

2. The brown sparrow laid ________ eggs.
a) four b) six c) three

Ans: c) three

3. ________ lies stretching in the river.
a) crocodile b) snake c) tortoise

Ans: a) crocodile

4. Sparrow tied the elephant and the crocodile with a ________.
a) rope b) cloth c) creeper

Ans: c) creeper

5. The sparrow solved the problem with her ________.
a) cunningness b) intelligence c) braveness

Ans: b) intelligence

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