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Class Class VII
Subject Maths
Year 2022-23
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Delhi Class 7 Maths Sample Question Paper

Download Delhi Education Department DoE Delhi Class 7 Maths Sample Question Paper 2022-23

Download Delhi Board All Classes Sample Question Papers 2022-23 Here

Download Delhi Class 7 Maths Sample Question Paper

Delhi Class 7 Maths Sample Question Paper Download Here

Delhi Class 7 Maths Sample Questions

Section A:
1. 3 × 0 is equal to:
a) 0
b) 1
c) 3
d) -3

2. The product of three negative integers will be:
a) Positive integer
b) Negative Integer
c) Either Positive or Negative Integer
d) None of these

3. How many faces does a cube have?
a) 8
b) 2
c) 6
d) 4


How many edges does a cuboid have?
a) 4
b) 8
c) 6
d) 12

4. The angle which is equal to its complement:
a) 90°
b) 180°
c) 45°
d) 75°

5. 0.2 × 0.16 = ?
a) 0.18
b) 1.8
c) 0.032
d) 0.32


0.3 × 0.15 = ?
a) 0.045
b) 4.5
c) 0.03
d) 0.45

6. How many endpoints does a line segment have?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 0
d) 3


How many end-points does a ray have?
a) 3
b) 1
c) 0
d) 2

7. Rahul & Aditya went for a picnic. Their mother gave them a water bottle of 5 litre. Both of them enjoyed the picnic. Rahul consumed 2/5th water and Aditya consumed 1/5th water and they gave remaining water to other students. Based on the above situation answer the following questions.

i) How much water did Rahul drink?
(a) 1 L
(b) 2 L
(c) 5 L
(d) 3 L

ii) How much water did Aditya drink?
(a) 3 L
(b) 12 L
(c) 1 L
(d) 3 L

iii) How much fraction of water did they give to other students?
(a) 15 L
(b) 17 L
(c) 45 L
(d) 25 L

iv) How much more water did Rahul consume than Aditya?
(a) 2 L
(b) 5 L
(c) 1 L
(d) 3 L

v) How much water was consumed by other students?
(a) 3 L
(b) 1 L
(c) 2 L
(d) 4 L

General Instructions:
1. The question paper consists of 18 questions divided into 3 sections A, B and C.
2. Section A has total 3 questions having a multiple-choice question and 2 case study-based questions.
3. Section B has 6 objective-type questions.
4. Section C has total 9 questions having five questions of 2 marks each and two-two questions of 3 and 4 marks each.
5. There is no overall choice. However internal choices are provided in each section. You have to attempt only one of the alternatives in all such questions.
6. There is no negative marking.
7. Use of calculators is not permitted

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