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Class Class XII
Subject Business Study
Year 2022-23
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Delhi Class 12 Business Study Sample Question Paper

Download Delhi Education Department DoE Delhi Class 12th Business Study Sample Question Paper 2022-23

Download Delhi Board All Classes Sample Question Papers 2022-23 Here

Download Delhi Class 12th Business Study Sample Question Paper

Delhi Class 12 Business Study Sample Question Paper Download Here

Delhi Class 12 Business Study Sample Questions

1. Which one of the following sequences of process of management is correct:
(a) Planning, Directing ,Controlling, Organising, Staffing
(b) Directing, Staffing, Planning, Organising, Controlling
(c) Planning, Organising, Staffing, Directing, Controlling
(d) Organising, Planning, Staffing, Controlling, Directing

2. ‘Doing the task with minimum cost” name the term associated with management? 1
(a) Efficiency
(b) Effective
(c) Both
(d) Management

3. The objective of the Marketing Department of ‘KOTEX Ltd.’ is to increase sales by 10 per cent by offering discounts. But, the finance department may not approve of such discounts as it means loss of revenue. These kinds of conflict arise in organizations because each department performing activities in isolation from others and barriers between departments are becoming more rigid. Identify the point of importance of coordination to which this case is related:
(a) Growth in size
(b) Functional differentiation
(c) Specialization
(d) None of these

4. Suzy Enterprises Limited is planning to increase its sales by 25% in the next year. Identify the feature of management being highlighted in the given statement.
(a) Management is all pervasive
(b) Management is a goal oriented process
(c) Management is a continuous process
(d) All of the above

5. A manager should have the right to punish a subordinate for wilfully not obeying a legitimate order but only after sufficient opportunity has been given to a subordinate for presenting her/his case. Identify the principle of management highlighted above.
(a) Authority and Responsibility
(b) Discipline
(c) Equity
(d) Stability of Personnel

6. According to Fayol, discipline requires .
(a) Good superiors at all levels
(b) clear and fair agreements
(c) Judicious application of penalties
(d) All of these

Which of the following describes the principle of harmony, not discord?
(a)The management should properly investigate any task
(b)The management should engage in scientific enquiry
(c)The management should focus on observation and analysis
(d)The management should share the gains or profits of a company with their workers

7. A worker directly contacts the CEO of the company with a complaint regarding working conditions in the factory. Which of the following principles is being violated here?
(a) Unity of Command
(b) Discipline
(c) Scalar Chain
(d) Unity of Direction

8. Business environment is the sum total of all the factors and forces………to a business.
(a) Internal
(b) Specific
(c) External
(d) All of these

On 8th November 2016, with the announcement from the Government of India, all the ₹500 and ₹1,000 banknotes of the Mahatma Gandhi series have ceased to be legal tender. The government also announced the issuance of new ₹500 and ₹2,000 banknotes in exchange for the demonetised banknotes. Identify the concept being described in the above lines.
(a) Globalisation
(b) Liberalisation
(c) Demonetisation
(d) Privatisation

9. “There is a great demand for reservation in jobs for economically weaker sections of the society.” Identify the type of dimension of business environment mentioned.
(a) Technological environment
(b) Political environment
(c) Legal environment
(d) Social environment

10. WhatsApp was the first application for mobile chat. Afterwards, many other applications came but still whatsapp is No.1 in mobile chat. Which importance of Business Environment is highlighted here.
(a) Helps in tapping resources
(b) Helps in policy making
(c) Identifying threat and getting warning signal
(d) Helps to identify opportunities and getting first mover advantages

11. The government of India proposed to encourage e-transactions by encouraging the use of plastic money(through debit, credit and gift cards) or net banking by allowing deductions in usage charges, fees and income tax exemptions. Which component of business environment does it represent?
(a) Economic environment
(b) Political environment
(c) Legal environment
(d) Social environment

12. Planning is the ________ function of management.
(a) First
(b) Second
(c) Third
(d) Fourth

13. The composite plan which involves setting up of long term objective finding course of action and allocation of resources is called
(a) Policy
(b) Strategy
(c) Programme
(d) Procedure

14. Standardized way in which a task has to be performed is called
(a) Policy
(b) Procedure
(c) Strategy
(d) Method

15. Organisations own customized way of handling problems or taking decisions is called
(a) Strategy
(b) Policy
(c) Budget
(d) Rule

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